by Theresa Curtis, in our time, these three rivers —anguish for our world, scientific
breakthroughs, and ancestral teachings— flow together. From the confluence
of these rivers we drink. We awaken to what we once knew: we are alive in a
living Earth, the source of all we are and can achieve. Despite our
conditioning by the industrial society of the last two centuries, we want to name, once again, this world as holy.
(Macy, J., & Young Brown, M., 2014)

For millennia our bodies have responded to the waxing and waning of Grandmother Moon orbiting our flesh and enticing our blood and birth waters outward to life. This unending dance between women, water, and moon is a fluid interaction between the cosmos and we, and it is this primordial magic that first conceived earth's creatures from both tide pools and time.

This cycle of wetness we women feel intrinsically –beyond thought it throbs deep in our weary wombs, deep in our salty tears. We know Her, and She us. Through thousands of years we played together—growing in wisdom from each wonderment. For eons the Goddess of Water and we have birthed, cleansed and nurtured life together. Until now.

Our ancestral vision records the strength of our Mother, but we now stand witness to the war being raged against Her. We ache; we feel Her degradation in our once whole hearts and we can no longer hide in stunned silence. Our Mother is assaulted; Her waters poisoned. We awaken to reclaim our ancient power. We awaken to warrior for Her glory.

It is in this spirit that I set an intention to honor Water Goddess and receive guidance. I want to share how earth goddess women might be of help.

Letting Go

I invite Water Goddess to mind.  I sage the room, light candles and other ritualistic readinesses until I can safely settle into a deep meditation with Water Goddess. An interaction forms, and She sends an image of Her feeble state and beckons me closer to listen more carefully. Her voice is weak and husky as She aims me toward the mystical water of Mt. Shasta. Could it be possible that She will be stronger there? I sit with this question and accept the guidance as accurate. So, I need to pack.

As I commit to settle into this adventure, I carry the terrifying vision of Her ever weakening, debilitated  being. It is painful—thinking of Her alone and dying. I pray for the sins of my people, and I think that, like Jesus, if we could sacrifice ourselves for Her we would. But we cannot; I feel so powerless. What is done is done and I, for one, simply do not know what to do anymore. And yet I fervently hope and trust She will have answers.

The drive is hours and hours. But as we (my dog and I) finally crawl up the curves of Mt. Shasta, the softness of the Water Goddess magnificently manifests! She has covered the raw sharp earth around us as snow. And oh, but She is glorious – no longer weak but utterly breathtaking! And how She paints everything beautiful! In the cold bleakness of winter when there is nowhere to turn, She strengthens us with that hope that beautifies things. Her tranquility has enough power to penetrate this weary traveler. She reminds me of goodness, and grace.

Water Meditation

I write a message of intention and request, then set it on Her snow. I pause to give prayer, and then receive instruction. This guidance visits from a deep place, in images that I am invited to unpack –as in a dream. Dream awareness is a powerful way to develop a talent in imagery  interpretation.

She presents me with a vision of a new way to connect with Her. In it I see and feel myself diffusing into a million pieces—like a flock of raindrops born of the Water Goddess. I am water particles, and then the drops form together into a type of ethereal Luck Dragon, who is me, made up of a myriad sparkle parts. And like vapors of water, I can navigate upwards to vision the world more clearly.

The Goddess I am calling is All Water, and I am but a sprinkle of Her; we are not separate. She infuses into me that we are all drops of water in the ocean of Her consciousness—we are both individual and not. She explains that water is Her physical manifestation –but Her being is surreal.

She taught me that as human I am more water than skin, more fluid than stable. She showed me how much space there is between our molecules. I was more space than solid! I am water, and star stuff, and space. What if, She asks, instead of identifying with the solid being you see in the mirror, you include the myriad spaces between your cells? This falling apart was both beautiful and terrifying.

After She taught me how to dis-aggregate She let me travel in that mode, She let the molecules loosen in my meditative dream body, and lighten so I could diffuse into the imaginal realm of possibility. She reminded me that water is grace, and now I could see that imagination was also grace and that there was no need to anxiousy tighten up. And although this rings true, again and again I could feel my muscles and jaw tighten. I took a moment to loosen into this awareness.

I carry tension and anxiety everywhere in my body. I am a bumble of fear. How can I ever follow through with this journey to assist Her? I know I will be too afraid. She tells me that although my fear will not disappear, it will be okay because I am not only fear, but the spaces between fear. I feel the spaces like a blankness; like empty receptors. I need to be loose enough to let the Water Goddess in through the cracks, and cleanse me in Her waters. Though fear has created tight obstructions, they can now be overcome with space. Scrub me down, Mama.

For awhile She is able to easily groom my blockages. But as She digs deeper to clear my gunk, a darkness cuts loose and snags my psyche. A savage pain interrupts my bath and I lash out.

Moon over water


In a sudden fury at our Water Goddess' condition I blindly rage at all the “dominators” who rape the planet with their greed. We, She and I, sternly settle into dialogue together—She as mentor, me as complaining student. Below I interpret her lesson into words; as best I can I channel Her intension:

Me: They have radiated the salt waters of the Pacific. Your creatures lay tortured and dying—their young born blind and deformed. And Water Goddess of the aquifer, the dominators have found You too. They have found the rich oil of our ancestors in Your veins and are giving You a backwards transfusion. They are tapping Your veins, stripping them of their vital fluid and replacing them with nothing.  Your soil trembles and the earth quakes from the loss. They even falsify Your rain. As river You slide through the valleys empty, as ocean You are poisoned and melting, and as aquifer, greedily horded. Dominators are murdering You! When they kill the waters, they destroy any chance that You will ever have to cleanse and create.  Water is life. Mni waconi. But now, no more birth. They rip into you over and over, with no time to heal—they just kept wounding and wounding, and I don't know why. I am so afraid: can You ever come back from all this?

Water Goddess: Yes, I can. Absolutely. But it will take a very long time and I will be healing in a way that will make my body not conducive to human life. Necessarily. You think you are mighty but you are little lice in the grander scheme of things.  As Goddess, I exist in the infinite realm. It is only on the heavy physical plane that I manifest as pure water. It is only here that I am poisoned. In the quantum field where there is no time, it will be merely a blink, and the world will be what the world becomes. My waters will be restored over eons. From the primordial tide pools, and time, earth's creatures can rebirth.

The “dominators” think they are gods. They are not. And as Goddess, I detest their hubris.

Me: What about those that are trying to help?

Water Goddess: You do not know satisfaction either – you only take and take. You rejoice in taking. You are really all filled with hubris—but some are just not powerful enough to ravage me. But if you could, you would.

Me: Not true! Even if I could, I would not.

Water Goddess: You drive. You buy things. You are all addicted—you are so addicted you don't even know what the word means anymore. You are addicted to substances and circumstances and comforts. You are not so greedy as you are addicted. You are in search of the great MORE. You are hollow and empty and think your fulfillment relies on your next purchase. And yes, I see you have also tried to do much to help—but the one thing no one gives up is their fossil fuels. Release them now!

Me: Even if I didn't drive at all it would do nothing!!!! I am only one little person, and my footprint is so small.

Water Goddess: You call it fossil fuel—but it is a necessary nutrient in my bloodveins. How would you like someone taking yours?

Me: I hear you. You are right. I can't stop driving.

Water Goddess: You can't or you won't?

Me: ...I won't.

WG: I promise you, if you do I will bless your life beyond belief. Or into belief. You will walk again. You will build a new world. You will become community. And when you become community, others will not need to use so much fossil fuel and I will have enough nutrient in my blood to dance and sing.

You think I am being gang raped. That is because you see that I am subject to the physical laws of nature on this dimension or plane, and humans well control enough physical laws to finish me. But I am more then physical laws—you know this. People on earth have been aware of quantum physics for a long time—so why is it not being taught to our children in schools? It is certainly no more complicated than the modern scientific method. Teach your children this concept of reality.

The dominators do not want you to wise up. What you call Quantum Physics merely explains a deeper way that the universe works. It can instruct you how to advent a shift. Accept that each of you are one individual collection of energy and ideas, living within a field of infinite energy and ideas. One can create an interaction between you and You, and the greater You includes us. My true environment is the quantum field of possibility and imagination, not a physical planet. I became water as a gift to this Earth project. This precious planet arose from the quantum field, and it will expand through consciousness and creativity.

Humans have the highest level of consciousness on earth. And humans are going to have to learn the lesson of the Water Meditation or they will no longer exist. Because I am going to withdraw into the ethereal world myself if I am to survive, and when I do all things physical will be too heavy and dense to endure. But, over ages the physical laws of your universe will restore them, and I will return. For now, stay close to home and hearth, heal there, build community. Lighten through the joy of love and compassion, truth, and meditation.

Me: I hear you saying two things here. That you are leaving Earth, and that You are staying if we should shift our consciousness.

Water Goddess: In my timeless world there are infinite futures. How you chose yours will determine mine. We work together, remember? We are connected, you and I, as you are mostly water. Here me calling you back, daughter. Practice Water Meditation. Drive less, build community, and teach your children some rules of the next dimension. That is your task.

Me: So what I hear you saying is there is a possibility that you can heal and stay with us on this beloved and beautiful planet—if we turn away from this dead way of being, shift into action, and away from fossil fuels. In meditation, you can guide us and we will act upon this guidance. So for me the guidance is to drive less, and by doing so building community will naturally follow. I can see that. And You would also like me to paint a quantum picture in colors that our children can understand?

Water Goddess: As 1/7,000,000,000th of the population you are not a tipping point, and alone You cannot create one. But what if more of the sage women of earth could diffuse as water and soak into a more ethereal realm, and share the guidance they find there with others? This is where your answers lie. So teach your children; we will need them to weight down the scales in our favor. They can tip the shift.

As water we are all parts of the same rainstorm. As water our solutions are fluid, not fixed. Yes, you can chose to meditate for guidance and expect higher powers to respond. But you must follow every hunch or inspiration with action. This is imperative. I think you can do that.

Thank you, dear Goddess of Water. Blessed be.


The rivers of these mountains are my blood, the jackrabbit and coyote my children; Tree whispers the ancestral wisdom of my grandmothers. Without them I die, my heart breaks, my soul collapses.

“I wonder how long these old legs will drum upon Great Mother the Earth?” I think as I clump down the steep path to the river. My grandchildren are flying before and aft, like happy souls with wings on their feet. I am grateful for the walking stick they offered me as we entered the forest together. I feel supported, and as they skip along I melt further into the Goddess, and She in me. Like a leaf on a tree or a flake of snowfall we are all both the One and the many --connected together as fractals of the All.

We are not so different, I think: Her as the all-inclusive One, and each of us creating our individual gurgle on Her stream of life. We swim through our days as ensouled bodies, building our individual tales as we eventually sail alone into the great waters (from whence everything arises and exits). Am I sufficiently prepared to attune to, and then accept the gifts that emerge from honoring the Water Goddess? Will I continue to trust Her; can I sustain myself over time within this flow? The Goddess of Water teaches many lessons; whether my conscious mind can cradle them or not is my responsibility.

When I was a child the streams were clear, pure and alive; we spent hours playing in Her currents and crevices searching for treasures.  Today, an ignorant greed has crept over the river like fog --creating an austerity of nature and clouding our collective memory.  It uses the Goddess's magic as if She were a whore and it is breaking our hearts. Even so, I find moments of purity within the darkening of Her waters because She has rightly designated my place in Her scheme of things. I know now what is being asked me. I will settle by River again and listen for Her answers. Thy will, not mine, be done.


Macy, J and Young Brown, Molly. Coming Back to Life: The Updated Guide to the Work that Reconnects, New Society Publishers: 2014