WES GroupThe Wiccan Educational Society (WES) was founded in Massachusetts in 2000 by Heidi Couture. It now goes into its ninth year of existence as its membership broadens and it continues its journey of evolution.

As we walk our path new experiences come along, and we meet new people along the way. If our approach is open-eyed and open-hearted we embrace change, and flow with our personal and spiritual growth.

WES is undergoing this kind of change. Whilst it was initially set up by our founder, primarily exclusive to Wicca, as we have grown, so has WES.

Heidi CoutureHeidi brought WES to the UK when she moved from the USA to Glastonbury, having been claimed by the Isle of Avalon. Since it was first established, her beliefs and practices have evolved beyond the label of Wicca into a more organic spirituality. Heidi has now returned to the West Coast of America and now plans to take WES, with all her new and enriching experiences, to California.

Heidi and I became friends on my many journeys down to Glastonbury, whilst staying at her B&B. I myself had also felt the pull of Glastonbury and the Isle of Avalon and had been planning my move here for some months. On the same weekend as I became a dedicated priestess of Cerridwen, Heidi asked me to take over WES in the UK for her, after her return home. I didn’t need any more confirmation that Glastonbury and the Goddess wanted me here, and I gladly accepted.

My path started as Wiccan but I too have grown and evolved and I now incorporate other traditions into my personal practice. This is not to say I am watering down my beliefs, but more, enhancing them, with teachings I have become exposed too as I have danced along my path, with eyes wide open.

I am excited to have the opportunity to continue building WES UK by expanding the education programme we have to offer, both in traditional Wicca, and in a series of workshops, focusing on the Star Maiden Circle, and the ancient and beautiful traditions of the Toltec Path, Warriors of the Spirit. These wisdom teachings sit comfortably with the practices of the Craft and Goddess/God worship, without compromising them in any way, and are really valuable tools for personal development.

Beltane eventThe ethos behind WES remains the same, to develop a way of life that stands in awe of divinity, the living and breathing godforce that permeates all of existence; to encourage and promote a way of life that is creative, aware, and impeccable (not going against ourselves or others).

We will continue to host and co-create a wide variety of Pagan events, our main intention still being to weave the web between our cross-cultural pagan community that makes WES so unique and special. We produce regular newsletters and are always delighted to receive written contributions, and welcome any suggestions for future workshops or courses. As part of our expanding programme we are hoping to hold sacred fires, here in Glastonbury, on a regular basis, to plant and nourish seeds of community among people of all traditions.

Please visit our website www.wesociety.com to keep up to date with our on-going programme of events, and become a member of our growing and diverse tribe.

©Alison Sutton
UK Co-ordinator of WES