"Voices of the Sacred Feminine"Upon receiving my copy of this book, I was incredibly excited and a little overwhelmed by the sheer amount of inspiring conversation I was holding in my hand. In the course of a decade of radio interviews, Karen Tate has covered a whole host of topics and spoken with an eclectic roster of people. By collating these interactions into one edition, she has provided anyone interested in Goddess spirituality with a book which will awaken the imagination and provide inspiration for daily life.

"Voices of the Sacred Feminine" is split into four parts, covering different topics ranging from the nature of the Divine Feminine, war, peace, gifting, protest, the environment, gender and patriarchy. Contributing authors include Starhawk, Lydia Rule, Phyllis Chesler and Candace C. Kant. Each article gives references and a brief biography of the author, allowing you to take what you have read and move forward in scholarship and personal study. She has authored a book which bridges the void between the mainstream and academic worlds – no mean feat! It takes true skill and talent to do this in a way which does not alienate the reader.

I really enjoyed reading this book, just for the range of topics alone. It is well written and the layout makes for easy reading. Something which stood out for me in opening this book is the font! Strange to comment on, but as someone who wears glasses, sometimes great books can fall short on font size and type. Karen Tate, however, made excellent choices on both! The nature of "Voices of the Sacred Feminine" means that it is easy to read lots of it in one go. However as each article is self contained, it also means you can “dip in or out” as you require, and you can also refer to topics with great ease.

In my pursuit of the Divine Feminine and my own personal path, I have read a lot of books. I wish I had had access to this book before now. By adding this book to my personal library, and bringing it into my personal awareness, I have been inspired even more in my priestessing. Karen Tate has woven a web which brings together different authors, paths, genders and traditions in the name of the Sacred Feminine. She has done so with careful thought and concious love for Goddess and Goddess-loving people.