1. "Odes to the Goddess" by Esta Weiss

Odes to the GoddessEsta has composed Odes and Rites to the Goddess, whom she calls "She of a Thousand Names". The Odes and Rites are on her website, but they also exist in book format. The book "Odes to the Goddess" came into being in 2007, and features texts written in honour of Quan Yin, Aphrodite, Sedena, Rhiannon, Pele, Inanna and many more.

The first text is a lengthy one to "Goddess of Mercy – Our Lady of Compassion Quan Yin". Then follows "Selene – Goddess of Moon and Star" and Great Mother Pele". Other titles in this prayer book include "Cerridwin – Our Lady of Wisdom", "Skekhinah – The Mirror of God", "Ostara – Sweet Maiden of Spring", "Dolphin Goddess" and "Lady of the Lake". The book ends with the text "Rhiannon Queen Mother". Yes, the Goddess truly is One but Many.

Some of the texts are written with rhymes, others not so much, but they are beautiful nonetheless. The texts are to be used for meditation or rituals, or you can simply pray them out loud if you so wish.

Esta Weiss describes herself on her website paganandproudofit.com as a:

"35 + year Pagan [who is a] Dedicate of Freya and Thor ... Cupbearer ... Practitioner of Rumal, Healer, Diviner, Reiki Master, Former High Priestess of Elvenstar in Tucson AZ., Current Leader of Pagan and Proud Coven, Member of Witches against animal abuse, Southern chapter, Member of the Fellowship of Isis and an ordained minister with the Universal Life Church"

2. "Endymion Oracles: Nina's Story

Endymion OraclesThis is without a doubt the best book I have ever read. It's exceptionally well-written, and the storyline just draws you in. From the first page you enter into the wonderful mystical world of Mazin where peace, unity and spirituality rules in a loving way that makes you wish you could live there forever.

The character of Nina is one you instantly cheer on, and as the story unfolds, the reader follows Nina through exhilarating ups and depressing downs. Nina's gift as a Seer can help her people to break free from a spell placed upon them by a sorcerer who claims to speak for their beloved Goddess, but is he really the saviour he proclaims to be?

As a reader, I found the Goddess Inana the perfect Goddess to worship; one who never forces Her children to do anything, but instead, as a loving parent, She teaches Her children to believe in their own power. Nina's heart is captured by the mystical spirit of Endymion, and together they work to help people see the truth.

This book will make you laugh, cry, and think about your own life. Are you following a leader, or are you connected to the Divine inside of you that was there from the moment you were conceived? E.O.N.S. will help you unlock these mysteries in your soul. It helped me.