A voice of the Goddess singing to our hearts: "Invoking the Goddess" and "Embracing the Goddess" - Two CDs from Anique Radiant Heart

Winged crystal sparkling magnificent rainbow colors like drops of eternity. Fresh air, warm breath. Earthy womb which holds the sacred fire. Living waters healing and dancing. Soft honey perfumed with rose petals. These are some of the many magical shapes the beautiful voice of Anique Radiant Heart can create.

Anique is a Priestess of the Goddess and Singer of the Sacred Songs of the Temple. Just as many priestesses embody the spirit of the Goddess in ceremony, Anique embodies the Goddess' voice and she is a channel for Her sacred sounds to spread Her blessings over people who have ears to hear. Anique also helps us to become sacred channels for Her voice, not only though ceremonies and workshops. She is creating a beautiful and powerful trilogy of music on these two CDs and the forthcoming one.

Anique received a message from her Shamanka after her death in 1998, in which the Shamanka asked Anique her to create three CDs of music dedicated to Her worship. “The first would give devotees a daily practice to ground Her into their lives; the second would give them the songs of praise and celebration one needs to express when one is filled with Spiritual joy and the last would give them the songs to do Her work as Priestess”, Anique says.

"All three CDs would help people firstly to find the Goddess Path, then Celebrate the Goddess Teachings, and finally to live the Goddess Way, through cultivating a quiet heart, allowing life to unfold with grace and heeding the minute-by-minute guidance available to us if we only stop to listen”.

“The first was "INVOKING THE GODDESS", released in 2003. Now "EMBRACING THE GODDESS" has been birthed. In time will come "LIVING THE GODDESS".

Vicki Noble, author of Motherpeace Tarot, eulogized her work: “Anique's powerful Goddess voice is a thrill to experience, and this long-awaited CD of her sacred songs, prayers and chants is the next best thing to being there. It's about time!", she said.

Brook Medicine Eagle, Kathy Jones and Monica Sjöö all agree that to hear Anique is a very deep way to experience the Goddess in our hearts. So did many who participated in the Glastonbury Goddess Conference and had the opportunity of experience her voice in ceremony.

“Much wonderful art and music has been created in worship and adoration of the munificent Femine Divine. This creation is my contribution to this great body of work. All the prayers, chants and songs were channeled whilst in meditation”, said Anique.

“They came complete and powerfully through my heart and my voice to be shared with you”.

I can´t wait to hear the third in the trilogy, "LIVING THE GODDESS", which will be all the songs and chants needed to create and facilitate a wide variety of rituals and ceremonies.

Thank you, Anique for so beautiful blessings you spread over us in the form of powerful songs!

©Sandra Román

Invoking the Goddess, A way to the Goddess Through Tone, Chant, Prayer and Song - by Anique Radiant Heart
Embracing the Goddess - A treasure trove of songs celebrating the Goddess