Her Call to My Wilds

Woodland Paths

Pregnant with seeking,
I rely on my instincts.
I hold out to the cosmos, my mirror.
My pipe I point down to the ground.
What door opens
when I turn the key of willingess?

I whistle in, the winds of wisdom,
my focus on valor and trust.
Thus does the Crone arrive at my crossroads.
Over a threshold I step.
Choosing a path, I answer
Her call, Her call to my wilds.

©Susa Silvermarie 2015


Gifts of the Sidhe

Rainbow door

Initiation Journey

In the South:

I scrabble my way to water,
to Bridget, to balance.
She says the well of reflection
is all the wide world,
and in its mirror
I must look deeply—
and sing!
To Bridget I give up
my fear of being wrong.
Through the green and wooden Door I pass.
I am washed!

In the North:

I open my mind to Macha.
I rise to become protector,
daughter of whistling winds,
Amazon of Heart.
I drop my fighting posture
yet hold ferocious to love.
I mediate and breathe
the dissolution of dualities.
Spaciousness lifts me.
Dreaming stretches me.
In the garden of my life
I give up to Macha the belief
that love is oh so scarce.
Through the door of Surrender I pass.
I am blown!

In the East:

Aonghus O’g, you god of love,
here I am before you,
my foundation aflame.
You illuminate
my arrow of intention.
To feed your golden gift
and tend my passions,
I dance, I run.
Straight into the wind,
I turn my steady face.
To Aonghus O’g I give up
my fright at the Power of love.
Through the Doorway of black and silver I pass.
I am burned!

In the West:

Queen Maeve takes me
to the deep velvet cave,
and teaches me to crawl
all through the narrows,
where quiet I lie, and listen.
The Morrigan calls me forth
to the Temple of Incarnation!
She thrusts me onto earth.
She insists I treasure the jewel
and let my sexual power surge.
To The Morrigan I give over
scorn for the body’s riches.
Through the swirling rainbow Door I pass.
Into life, I am pressed, I am eased.

©Susa Silvermarie 2015


Around the Fire

Around the fire

Around the fire we fall
into dreaming, deeply dreaming.
Fire’s consciousness in charge,
we fall together into dreaming.
Not for humans to decide
to whom the firelight calls from dark.
None be turned away from fire.
Because we’re here, we each
belong, here now falling
into dreaming, dreaming.

Sinking slowly into knowing,
we breathe our fervent yearnings.
Silent invocations stoke the flames.
The emerald heart of fire
takes us to our sovereign center,
to the dream, the one
inside the dreaming.
Oh Shining Ones of Danu!
Ancestors of rainbow hue!
Show us how the light

dances tender through the doorway,
stretches deep into the dark;
How the dark, as well,
dances softly through the doorway,
stretches deep into the light.
Around the sacred fire,
we call together in the dark,
accepting invitation;
bringing into fiery wholeness
everything! of who we are.

©Susa Silvermarie 2015