Chalice Well, Glastonbury

I have been deeply involved in the sacred technology and practice of Shamanic Drumming (for healing and vision seeking) for over 25 years. What began for me as a purely "Native American" experience, complete with traditional "buffalo teeth and crow feathers", gradually underwent a shift in its emphasis in this last year to a more Celtic/Wizard/Faerie/Goddess orientation. The more I learned about the earth's yearly solar and lunar cycle festivals, as celebrated by the early Celts, I began to get the feeling that something very important was being communicated to me through my visions; by whom, or what the exact nature of the communication was, at that point, remained a mystery. Coincidentally, I became fascinated with the whole crop circle phenomenon and devoured every book I could find on the subject. It was at this point that it became evident to me that I was being "called".

I subsequently made arrangements to contract out a month of my summer commitments as a musician at the Oregon Cabaret theatre here in Ashland, and proceeded to look on-line for some cheap airfare deals to London. I formulated a loose plan, which involved spending an entire month, mid-July to mid-August (the peak of the crop circle season) in the English countryside, primarily Wiltshire and Somerset, although I did manage to get out to Cornwall on the west coast for a few days. During this month, I would attempt to visit as many crop circle formations, sacred Neolithic stone sites, holy wells, trees and the like. What follows is the typed transcript of a journal, which I kept while there, and mailed back to the States in six installments. I have resisted the urge to edit, meddle or otherwise tinker with the document in its original form, (except for the sake of clarity) mostly because I don't want to corrupt the immediacy and honesty of the wording of the text as it initially spilled out onto the page. I admit, on occasion I have treaded uncomfortably close to the limits of what I feel safe to share with the public at large about my deepest thoughts and innermost feelings; feelings which were triggered by events as they unfolded. Many of these "events" were, at the time, overpowering and simply defy articulation. Suffice it to say, I have given it my best shot and I believe this document comes as close to the experience of actually being there with me as you will ever come. It is my sincerest wish that you enjoy what you read here and are moved to pursue a similar pilgrimage of your own if that is what you are called to do. If this ends up being the case, I urge you to follow your heart. It is a calling to the path of the heart, and though it will not be without its own peculiar set of difficulties, you will be well cared for, and you will never regret having made the choice- enjoy!

Jim Malachi Aug 2005

Tuesday morning July 19

I don't "travel" well.- And this first leg of my journey, the freeway drive in 90+ degree temperatures, the seemingly endless confined sitting, the airports, the "3rd world fascist-like" scrutiny of luggage, security checks etc. . . .being led around like cattle, and to what end? . . .to a seat barely large enough to accommodate a child - and there you sit for "way too many more hours" (15 to be exact)- it's a kind of a Death, this travel ritual- a kind of a near death which you must experience in order to get to the "other side". I REALLY felt that, in that scary moment of weightlessness just as we were lifting off the runway and leaving U.S. soil in Atlanta, Georgia.

I sensed you there, just outside my window- calling to me . . I opened my eyes, the darkness which had previously enveloped the plane before I drifted off, was now relinquishing its hold on the world. The sun, now little more than a faint pink-gold glow in the east was beginning to trip lightly across the uneven layer of clouds below- the nocturnal blanket of the North Atlantic. The sun's light now gradually encroaching upon the realm of darkness the way "kitties" do when they trot in across the lawn for their first feeding of the day - we were all flying headlong into Tuesday - into the accelerated sunrise which lay before us!

Funny, I would customarily experience this very same "first light" event back home by muttering a few "choice words" to the sun-god and the approaching daylight, and reluctantly dragging myself off to bed after a long night of reading. But up here it is suddenly Magical! the same "event", only transformed by my "near death ordeal" my vision must be clearing . . . we should be landing in London in a few hours- I still have trouble believing I am here, that I am REALLY doing this: looking down upon the billowing clouds, the deep indigo of the Atlantic ocean rising up to meet the heavens- . . this must be the sight that greets you immediately upon your leaving the earthly plane for good!

What I cannot help but notice most, are the numerous "faces" which are magically taking shape in the clouds beneath me -

Wednesday evening July 20

My temporary "digs" in the Bloomsbury District

My temporary "digs" in the Bloomsbury District

I MUST begin writing this down or I'll forget EVERYTHING I've done and seen. So many things have happened and I only arrived yesterday- I just returned from leaving Ahvi's "time capsule bracelet" at the memorial site of the Double-Decker Bus bombing near Tavistock Square. Wreaths, flowers, cards and memorabilia have been placed in a corner of the park by friends and families in a symbolic gesture to connect with others who are also grieving, and to somehow deal with the tragedy and the loss of their loved ones.

You are either familiar with Ahvi and her role in my life or you are not- I won't go into the whole story now except to say that she was someone who I was lucky enough to help raise when she was a little girl. She and I were very close back in those days and for many reasons now we are not- I have had to do some grieving of my own in regard to this situation and it only seemed fitting to leave the "time capsule bracelet" which we had buried together some ten or so years ago (to be exhumed on her 18th birthday) there in Tavistock Square among the artifacts left by others who too are grieving for their lost loved ones.

I visited the house in Gordon Square where Virginia Woolf once lived. Read a typewritten page of her diary which was displayed in the British Library (an entry she made just months before taking her own life). From my reading about her, I have learned of her nagging concern that because of its unusual style, her work might not be "well accepted" and that it might not stand the test of time. I bought a copy of To The Lighthouse at the British Library Book Store to read on my way to St Ives, my small way of supporting and validating her success in that regard. (way to go Virginia!)

Also visited the bronze sculpture of Boudicca of Icini (the original "Xena Warrior Princess") who in 61 A.D. gave the Roman army and most of England for that matter, a sound "Wuppin"- She and her family were unjustly treated by the Romans at the time of her husband’s death and she has become somewhat of a legend. I highly recommend reading what is available about her conquests . . very interesting story- Also successfully negotiated the underground "Tube" system. Purchased an "all-day pass" and visited many of the more "touristy" spots around the city. Parliament, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey etc. Quite an achievement if I must say so myself, similar to consuming my first entire English Breakfast only moments after waking. ( they stopped serving at 9:00a.m. so I really had to wolf it down while I was still half asleep!)-

Tomorrow morning simply MUST go more smoothly as I have to rise, gather up all my "crap" and catch a bus at the Victoria Coach Station for Glastonbury.

My time in London has been exciting, but I am so looking forward to the country side and its "slower pace"-

London is perpetually noisy and "city crazy", not at all what I came all this way to experience, but tomorrow night is the Lammas full moon and I hope to witness its rising from the top of the Glastonbury Tor-

From that point on it will be "Crop circles, Crop Circles, Crop Circles!"

I kind of get the feeling that most "Londoners" could give a flying fart about crop circles- they seem to be going much too fast and seem very "disconnected" to me- I could be wrong . . . no time to ponder that thought, I have to pack now- 

Thursday morning  - Leaving London . . .

I'm ready for something less hectic. London is . . . . . well, I'll just say that those months of living in Bangkok Thailand prepared me for getting around in just about any place on earth- I figure if you can get around ok in Bangkok or New York, you'll feel right at home here in London.

LOTS of motorcycles here, but it's not so much a "fashion statement" as it is in the U.S. . . mostly sport bikes and scooters and a few token Harleys. Here gas is $10.00 per gallon so it’s definitely a matter of "function over fashion"- (and Americans complain about the price of gas!)

I'm REALLY looking forward to the serenity of Glastonbury- I'm on a bus leaving London, with a generous chunk of "Green&Black's" dark chocolate, melting slowly on my tongue. I hope to have a chance to visit the British Museum on my way back through London next month- I'd like to have a look at the Rosetta Stone before I leave.

Londoners have really got that whole "stiff upper lip" thing down to a science, especially when it comes to their collective response to the recent bombings- the downside though, is I can feel lots of shock and anger simmering just below the surface of the city's "collective psyche", and it will eventually have to assume some form or another. It's probably what's got everyone here so "jumpy" . . this energy is going to take some time to dissipate-

I'm on a bus to Glastonbury, and I just heard a radio announcement that there have been more bombing incidents in London in the very tube stations I spent all day yesterday traveling in!  mucho scary!!!!!!!! . .  mucho good timing!

July 21

Tonight I had the distinct pleasure of watching the full moon rise over Glastonbury. Crimson as the setting sun which it was slowly replacing in the heavens, I witnessed this magical event from high atop the Glastonbury Tor, believed by many here to be the exact location of the ancient mystical "Isle of Avalon". Let me be the first to report that the "veil between worlds" is extremely thin here! The cross-quarter festival of Lammas, in the Celtic tradition, begins on or about the middle of July and runs through the middle of August. It is the time for celebrating the harvest, the abundance of Ker, the Grain Mother. It is also the time of year that marks the beginning of the return "inside", to the darkness within, and realm of introspection- into the "cauldron of regeneration"-

The Sun god (which represents the male, rational, linear aspects of our selves) begins to succumb to the approaching dark time, the Lunar, feminine, intuitive aspects of our nature. And this was a time in ancient tradition when this surrender of the Male to the Female energies was celebrated-

I realized that I was actually "living this myth" of Solar surrender as I stood high atop the Tor in the middle of the dance of these two opposing orbs, brother and sister of the night sky. It was an intense spiritual experience that set the tone for my entire journey-

Tomorrow morning I attend the first day of the Crop Circle Symposium in the Glastonbury Town Hall- it is the longest running Crop Circle Symposium in England and the lectures should be very interesting. I'm really looking forward to hearing what the "experts" have to say about this phenomenon.

Saturday July 23

Yesterday I discovered The Goddess Temple. It is located in the heart of downtown Glastonbury, in a courtyard called the Isle of Avalon Foundation. I lit a candle near the altar after making a small donation and wrote a prayer of thanks and offered it to Her for leading me safely thus far. Also met a woman (one of the Melissas or Temple Keepers) who was on duty at the time. Her name is Gabriella and she made me feel very welcome and at home there- I told her I had come a long way to experience "the Goddess energy" first hand, and while I have always known She can be found anywhere on earth, I am convinced that England is her "mailing address"- The temple has a "great vibe" and Gabriella was a great help. I am hoping to attend the Lammas Eve Celebration to be held here on August 2nd. 


Here I am, lying in bed sipping coffee and nibbling my way leisurely through another bar of Green and Blacks chocolate and listening to the sound of the morning rain falling just outside my Glastonbury window-

Tell me, can it get any better than this?

Oh, I'm sure it can and will! This is so far removed from my Ashland "reality", it is still difficult to believe that I am actually here and doing this!

I met a woman at the symposium yesterday, named Jennifer (she's a local druid ) who owns a house here in Glastonbury and offered me a room to stay in any time for ten quid a night, such a deal . . (I'm paying 20 at the B&B "Angels Place”). She lives in a beautiful old house on the edge of downtown (Tor View Road). From its sitting room window you are able to see nothing but a vast expanse of verdant English countryside framed by hedgerows and sparsely dappled with mooing black and white dairy cows- what a visual treat! It is within walking distance of the legendary Wearyol Hill (a scant ten minute stroll from the center of town). This is the Sacred site of the Holy Thorn of Joseph of Arimathea who is believed to have come to Glastonbury and brought the Holy Chalice from the Last Supper along with Christianity to England- on the very spot where he is thought to have driven his walking stick into the ground upon his arrival, grows the Holy Thorn (or at least the contemporary incarnation of one of its many predecessors-

The nearby sacred Chalice Well produces an uninterrupted supply of healing waters said to contain the very chalice which Joseph brought with him after Jesus' crucifixion-

Lion’s Head at Red Spring, Chalice Well

Lion’s Head at Red Spring, Chalice Well

By now you should be getting the idea that almost anywhere you go in Glastonbury you are treading on sacred antiquity- that's the part I most want to share, and feel is the most difficult to articulate.

On my first visit to the Holy Thorn, I closed my eyes and put my hands on the tree twice- (this is a way I have communicated with trees for many years, so it is nothing new) however, both times the very same anomalous " burgundy light" flooded my inner vision (like a mixture of blood and wine exiting a large wound ) I've never experienced anything quite like it - so I repeated it a second time with the exact same results- that is a VERY unusually powerful BEING with an unusually powerful method of communicating with humans-

Hopefully this rain will not deter Denise (my "angel" here in Glastonbury and proprietor of the Angels Place B&B where I am staying most of the time) from driving up to the Avebury Stone Circle in Wiltshire. Avebury is a famous Neolithic site just north of Stonehenge, and is also the location of centuries of sacred pre-Christian celebrations. I have felt a particularly strong "tug" on the coat tails of my spirit by the hand of Avebury from the very conception of this trip. I cannot explain it at all but I only KNOW that I must go there!

I've met so many interesting and helpful people at the symposium this weekend. Made some wonderful connections. I believe that was probably my whole underlying reason for attending. What I got from the "human connection" far surpassed the wealth of information "about crop circles" that I received from the lectures-

I must admit I was surprised to find so much attention paid by the speakers at a crop circle symposium to what is generally being referred to as "The Global Conspiracy". Namely, the Bush administration's involvement not only in the cover-up of the 911 disaster, but its accountability for both the planning and execution of the attack itself. Its attempt to create a modern day "Pearl Harbor" in an effort to drum up public support for the eventual invasion of Iraq. I realize that for many of you, this is a difficult notion to wrap your mind around, but the growing amount of research by an increasing number of intelligent people points strongly to the validity of these claims. That they are not as far fetched as we are being led to believe, and they can no longer be so easily dismissed.

Also addressed was the Tony Blair administration's role in the recent bombing attacks in the London Tube Stations- the more one looks into the startling evidence relating to the circumstances as they unfolded that day, the more one comes away suspecting that we are truly victims of media brainwashing, and if we are to survive the coming world events, an extreme "shift" in our collective consciousness is imperative! On the brighter side . . .

Denise, proprietor of Angels Place and my "best friend" here in Glastonbury, has expressed an interest in visiting some of the latest crop circle formations that we've been looking at on the internet and has offered to drive me and two other guests at the B&B up north to have a "looksee"-Looks like we are also going to visit Stonehenge today! YIPPIE!!!!!!

Sunday night July 24

This has been the most indescribable day yet! It just seems to get more and more incredible with each passing moment- I have to admit I am at a complete loss when confronted with the task of attempting to adequately describe a place like Stonehenge in mere words. I guess I could say that we visited Stonehenge, Avebury, Silbury Hill (all amazing power places)and visited two of the most intriguing and mysterious crop circle formations of the season. But that would be barely scratching the surface of the truth-

Since sometime in June, I have been "strongly attracted" to a formation near Silbury Hill that almost appeared to be pointing toward the ancient mound, which I saw on the Crop Circle Connector website, and have been looking forward to visiting for some time. Well, after trudging through the rain and mud for several hundred yards, hopping over barbed wire fences (Silbury Hill is the largest of Britain's ancient sacred burial mounds and climbing it is "frowned upon by the authorities") and racing to the summit in order to find the formation I was looking for . . . I couldn't see it anywhere. I could only assume that the field had been harvested and it was no longer there.

But what I saw on the other side of the hill took my breath away! From my vantage point, it appeared to be some sort of giant spider-like insect inside of a large flattened circle, right in the middle of the field near where our car was parked. I waved to the others in our group who were waiting for some sort of signal from me, motioning that they should proceed to the field nearby. I scrambled down the steep, wet, chalky path as fast as was safely possible and joined them as they were approaching the glyph from one of the tram lines in the field. The four of us entered the center circle and it really felt like a holy place. (easy now to understand why they are referred to as "Temporary Temples") all we could think to do was stand there and join hands. And as we formed our own "circle within a circle" we just started chanting and letting the "vibes" flow up through us from the "flow" of flattened wheat beneath our feet- these crop circles will affect you in ways you have no way of preparing for . . it is impossible to describe really . . it is the reason I had to experience it for myself-

Earlier that day, we entered a formation now being called "777" evocative of one of M.C.Escher's drawings of what is referred to as an "impossible object" (an object which cannot exist in our physical world). It was located in a wheat field just across the road from the Avebury stone circles and it too was indescribable- the rain let up for a while and I found a small flattened "cubicle" on its outer perimeter where I laid down among the sweet smelling stalks, closed my eyes and watched linear time simply melt away from existence- (time itself was reduced to the status of "impossible object")

Found several crow feathers lying about the fields surrounding Avebury and I will bring them back with me-

I won't even attempt to describe a place like Stonehenge except to say it was "monumentally indescribable" . . truly, another "impossible object"

It is Sunday night, and I am both exhausted and energized- to sleep, perchance to dream . . . Hell, I'm already dreaming!

Monday July 25

It's Monday morning and I'm still reeling from yesterday's activities. The seed top from one of the stalks of wheat which I brought back with me from the Silbury Hill formation is still emanating heat! I intend to bring it back with me to the U.S. and use it in some of my healing ceremonies, along with several of the small stones and crow feathers I gathered in and around Avebury. When I was in London, my "Ashland Life " seemed light years away- now, even my brief stay in London seems equally remote from this extraordinary "inland" experience- I feel as though I have finally "arrived"- and what a place to be in! AVALON!

This is what I left my home in America for- THIS is "HER" home, and She's taking VERY GOOD care of me here! I am truly BLESSED.

Saturday July 30

I cannot believe I haven't written a word in this journal since Monday. So much has happened and there has been absolutely no time in which to write- I've relocated since the last entry into Jennifer's home on Tor View Rd. It's very serene here and I have had some wonderful "meditation" time. Jennifer is a kindred spirit and we have had some great discussions-

Went for a "swim & sweat" on Tuesday (my first since arriving) I am an avid swimmer and enjoy a good sauna now and then, and I wasn't sure whether or not I would be able to enjoy these simple pleasures during my month's stay in England-

It was on Tuesday that I discovered the Wells Leisure Center in the city of Wells. It is a nicely equipped fitness facility with a huge pool, pulsing water jets, sauna and steam room and for 5 quid, you can spend the entire day there if you want to. Once refreshed and revitalized, I decide to pay a visit to the famous Wells Cathedral- the interior of this 11th century church is as impossible to describe as any of the other sacred sites which I have visited so far. As I walked through its towering archways toward the secondary chapel area I was overwhelmed by the close proximity of the "spirits" which still seemed to walk its stone isles. I experienced strong "past life" impressions in the section near the pipe organ and choir benches- this is "living antiquity", that's the only way I can think to describe this massive gem of sacred architecture. Much like crossing a threshold back through time and into a period of ancient religious mysteries.

Wells Cathedral

Wells Cathedral

Wednesday I spent all day on a bus ride back to revisit Avebury (by car it would have taken approximately 1 1/2 hours). Stopped for a lay over in Bath and took some pictures of the Bath Abbey and Roman Baths.

It's a very large, modern/ancient city. I didn't feel quite at home there. I much prefer being in a place more the size of Wells or Glastonbury if I have the choice-

Around 6:00p.m. I finally arrived at my B&B in West Overton where I spent the next two nights. I felt that the first time I visited Avebury was a bit on the "hectic" side and I didn't feel that I gave it adequate opportunity to "speak to me". So I gave myself the luxury of 2 entire days to meander among the stones and nearby crop circles and to allow the "essence" of the place to work their way deep inside of me- I was not disappointed!

My lodging was roughly a mile's walk from the "Avenue of the Stones". The very avenue where ancient pilgrims began their approach to this mysterious stone age formation centuries ago-

Guardian over this "avenue" is the Merlin Stone. It is the stone which greets you upon your arrival and it is a creature of remarkable magic! Merlin and I spent much "quality time" together over the next couple days and I was quite relieved to have finally found him-

"Look for me in the stone . . . I'll be waiting in the Stones"

these were the words spoken to me during a shamanic vision prior to my leaving the States, and I knew that part of my reason for coming to England was to FIND HIM-

It was a relief to finally make the connection with him and to be able to just stand there and be in such close proximity to his "essence" - It was another one of those places I simply didn't want to leave . . . EVER!


There is another stone standing nearer the center of the circle that I had an immediate rapport with, and from whose spirit I felt an equally strong pull-

 There are, on any given day, countless tourists walking amid the stones of Avebury with drinks, snacks, babies in tow, dogs and "who knows what" on their minds. One has to wonder if they realize where they are and what, if anything besides photos, they are gaining from the experience of being there.


So I closed my eyes, placed my hands upon this timeless giant in front of me and posed the question: " What do you make of all of this? The age we are living in, wave after wave of "sleepwalking hordes" that daily trample this holy ground? His answer:

"What a sorry state of affairs!"

I admit I had to agree-

Shortly afterward, I had the good fortune to meet a wonderful "tree spirit" (Dryad) near the "male and female" stones which mark a point of intersection of the St. Michael and St. Mary Ley lines which traverse the entirety of southern England from Lands End to Norfolk east of London- (more on this later)

Two Large Luminous Orbs that were inadvertently captured by my camera in this "Spirit Filled" Grove

Two Large Luminous Orbs that were inadvertently captured by my camera in this "Spirit Filled" Grove

I spent a great deal of time standing in the cool shade beneath her green canopy.

This tree spirit shared many things with me that day and I felt reassured that I was EXACTLY where I was supposed to be and doing EXACTLY what I had been brought there to do- she told me that;

"layers are being peeled away from you so that in the coming time of global chaos and upheaval, you will have a "strong center" on which to rely in order to weather the "rough times" which lie ahead - all because of this path which I had chosen to follow."

I felt "immersed" in her love for me and once again had to force myself to walk away-

I also managed to visit two other crop circles in Avebury later that day. What an extraordinary "power place" this is, small wonder that so many incredible formations have shown up nearby-

Crop Circle

I spent an unbelievable two hours in solitude in the beautiful "Love and Gratitude" formation which was located just a short walk from the stones. The design of this remarkable glyph has been compared to Japanese researcher Masaru Emoto's water crystal response to the words Love and Gratitude. If you are not familiar with Mr. Emoto's work I suggest you become familiar with it as soon as possible. It is well worth looking into. The overall formation was quite large, made up of 6 diamond shapes alternating with 6 hexagons which branched out of a center circle. Inside the circle, lay a six pointed star. It was really stunning to view from the air. 

(All of the crop circles mentioned in this journal can be seen on the website, just click on "2005 Season" and select formations which occurred in July and August.) I was fortunate to spend a great deal of quality time there alone in the light rain and occasional sun breaks which both cooled the air and warmed the dampened layers of sweet smelling wheat. As my mind cleared and ordinary thoughts began to dissolve in the radiating energy which seemed to rise up from the earth around me, I was very moved-

As I lay prone in one of the diamond shapes, slipping in and out of shifting levels of awareness, drifting lazily on a raft over a rolling sea of consciousness, I decided to ask the "circlemakers" (whoever they might be) what they could share with me about their "purpose" that I might take back with me to tell people when they asked me about my experience.

Immediately, I heard a soft clear voice which spoke these words;


These are the exact words just the way I heard them. . .

My next formation was another short walk on the other side of the stones. This was an enormous formation resembling a Celtic Cross. I went to this site twice because it was just too much to take in with one visit.

Four large circles on the perimeter and a large center circle containing nineteen smaller circles in a ring within its interior. Again the energy was very intense as the formation was only a day or two old.
As I was returning to my B&B later that day, both exhausted and energized from the experiences I'd had, a car approached me on the road. Inside were two Norwegian ladies I recognized from the symposium. They told me they were trying to locate a new formation that they had spotted from atop Silbury Hill earlier in the day, and they thought it might be nearby. My tiredness forgotten, I asked if I could join them in their search. I hopped in the back seat and off we went. Circle Chasers!

Little did we know how close we actually were to the very circle we were looking for but, as luck would have it, we turned right instead of left and were headed off in the wrong direction. (We actually found the glyph much later, hours later in fact after much trudging through muddy fields and over fences in the blazing hot afternoon a mere 5 minute drive from where we had first met.) These things really seem to "call" you and when you hear the call you have no choice but to follow-

Just about the time both our strength and enthusiasm were beginning to ebb, we happened to look into the field to our right and saw people ambling around slowly. This was a telltale sign that our search was over. We had found yet another outstanding formation close by Avebury. This one has been referred to as the "orange slice" because of the many triangular wedge shapes which radiate from its center. The group of people who were there had begun the trek back to their vehicles so the three of us had it pretty much all to ourselves . . . that is until the helicopter came to take photographs . . round and round and round and round and round . . probably the most "un-meditative" sound you'd ever want to hear in a place like that- so we endured and waited patiently for what seemed forever until its motor began to fade as it flew off into the distance, its cameras full of lots of "groovy shots” . . . and we enjoyed the remaining quiet time absorbing the high energy of this amazing new formation.

I returned there the next day with Denise and her dog Max, to experience it a second time and was glad I did- Then we were off to the town of Swindon in search of yet another formation. The thing about these crop circles is; you can drive right past them and never know they are there. Even when you KNOW they are there or SENSE they are there, more often than not, once you stop your car and get out and ask someone, ANYONE, they will usually point toward the hill you just drove past and say: "up there" . . "see it?" and then you nod sheepishly, thank them and climb back into your car and head back the way you came until you find a safe place to wedge your vehicle onto the side of the narrow road. From there you hike into the field where the formation is located. It's all pretty exciting. I have a theory that one of the "hidden agendas" of the "circlemakers" is to simply "get people talking with one another about these formations" to bring us together on a common ground and create a network of communication among humans- It’s only a theory, but I believe it is a sound one- 

Later Saturday Evening

I've just spent the last luxurious hour or so sitting in meditation, sipping strong coffee with honey, and looking out over the vast expanse of lush farmland surrounding Glastonbury. A visual feast punctuated by the hypnotic lull of a summer afternoon rain. I have absolutely NOTHING else that I need to be doing at this moment except to allow the entire Avebury experience of the last few days to slowly "sink in". I am convinced that I am in Heaven . . this is what happiness is supposed to feel like. My experience here is beginning to resemble a Lucid Dream.

And my heart swells with Love and Gratitude!

I suppose there is something to be said for "dropping everything", and temporarily walking away from one's predictable life, spending heaps of cash, facing and overcoming seemingly insurmountable obstacles, confronting fears and anxieties about going alone to a strange far-off place in order to be closer to one's god (or, as in this case, Goddess)

I believe that what I am doing was referred to in ancient times as "making a Pilgrimage"- I guess that must be what I am doing. It sure doesn't feel like any "vacation" I've ever been on . . . not at all.

Part Two of Jim's "England Journal" will appear in the next Goddess Pages.