(A stained glass window in Jamestown Church)

Woman at WellSensuality was never the intention,
Her beauty a figment of lustful imagination,
She is of no consequence, a distraction;
biblical interpretation
dictates, copulation
and procreation
are Her roles, subjugation
and clitoral violation,
monthly periods of sequestration,
an unclean abomination,
a vessel of unbridled passion
to be controlled by domination,
beating, stoning, immolation.
or there was prostitution,
the oldest profession,
should She suffer rejection
and lack of compassion
instead of love and adoration.
Did Jesus have a vision
at the well? Divine sublimation
involving penetration?
All said and done,
he was a man
who abhorred repression.

©Doreen Hopwood, 5th May 2010