Come, rise and walk with me,
leave the rosy world
of drowsy dreams,
and we shall go together
to the iron gate of
the Watchtower.

The gate is old and rusted,
flakes falling like petals
from a brown and withered flower.
Follow me into the nightmare
as we climb the treacherous,
crumbling stairs.

Gaze out over the parapets
and you will see
dark and silent Hecate,
Queen of Earth, Sea and Sky.
She roams across the Wasteland
that once was home to you and I.

See Her hounds scratch the barren earth
as their Mistress scans the
yellow, sulphur poisoned skies,
Her dark and brooding eyes turning
to our rugged ramparts
as She swiftly passes by.

Tell me sister, what do you hear?
The silence of eternity.
Tell me brother, what do you see?
Emptiness without pity.
We are at the crossroads,
And Hecate waits for us here.

Call out to The Queen of the Night!
Beg Her forgiveness
as she sweeps through our
ruined, ravaged landscape.
Fall on your knees
and plead for the return of the Light!

The seeds of Spring are buried deep
within Her frozen heart,
There is no sun to warm them.
The summer rains will not start
until we melt the tears
locked within her icebound eyes.

She will not heed your
anguished cries, nor meet
your hungry children's needs,
the Wheel has turned full circle,
our annihilation is complete.

And if She should look back,
Maiden, Mother, Crone,
face Her in your shame,
open your heart and acknowledge
that you understand we only
have ourselves to blame.

©Doreen Hopwood