The Triple Goddess Tarot - Using the Power of the Major Arcana, Chakra Healing, and the Divine Feminine by Isha Lerner, illustrated by Mara Friedman


Reviewed by Wendy Stokes


Live each day as though you are a goddess

The 33 cards carry an individual illustration. The Alchemy cards have blue backs and blue framed images and represent the mystery and wisdom of the Divine Feminine. The deck contains  a set of 7 'chakra' cards with green backs, illustrated in the chakra colours, which can be read alongside the Alchemy cards or alone. The Alchemy cards have a number and title, the Chakra cards have no numbers or titles. The almond shape of the vesica piscis  - an ancient symbol of femininity and birth - runs throughout all 33 cards’ illustrations.

Within the book, is an explanation of how these cards relate to the Major Arcana of the tarot and information about the chakras and about archetypes. There is historical background about the Triple goddesses, mystery schools, pilgrimages and initiations and instruction on how to attune and use the deck for best results. There are quotes, rituals, prayers, invocations, soul messages and flowers.

On the cards are images of the turtle, dolphin, big carts, birds, deer, egg, spiral, snake, jar, plants, spheres, bear, buffalo, ankh, frog, wings, flower, mountain, and each card represents a woman, quite plump and rounded like the goddesses of antiquity.

Both author and artist are from Oregon. Isha Lerner is a tarot consultant and astrologer. She is also the author of Inner Child Cards and The Power of Flowers. Mara Friedman is a co-founder of STREAM, a creative art school for young women.

The non traditional tarot emphasis and the chakra addition strikes me as more of an oracle deck. The cards 3 inches by 5 and a quarter inches portray useful and enjoyable knowledge. I like it immensely. If you want to build a relationship with the Maiden, Mother and Crone aspects of the Goddess, this deck is of great benefit.

Set of 33 individually illustrated cards and explanatory book in a sturdy drawer pull box. Published by Bear & Co. £30