"The Temple of the Subway Goddess", by Carolyn Lee BoydThis book is magical.  Seriously.  It worked on me in a very subtle way – I love science fiction and set about the novel with my usual SF brain in gear, but quickly found that I was becoming engaged with the story in a very different way.  For as the time-travelling priestess Mira follows her own destiny to come to a time some 7,000 years in the future, to a neighbourhood which could belong to any American or European city, she finds herself strangely drawn to Suzanne, a photographer who has almost given up her calling, almost settled for a dreary day job and unsatisfactory marriage.  But what I felt was the ageless quality of sisterhood and the eternal nature of spirit calling to spirit.

So I quickly learned simply to relax and allow the story to work its magic – for it is a magical tale in the best sense, one that carries you along, inspiring and lifting out of the everyday world of worries and bills, into a different place, where all things are possible, and love, especially, is transformative.

The book invites in an altered state of consciousness, one where the everyday beauties of nature, architecture and a city landscape that I walk and drive past unseeing suddenly took on a life of their own.  Just as Suzanne is suddenly driven out of the subway and into the “mystically-charged air outside”, to walk home in the eye of the hurricane, so the book cleared for me a path through the banalities of several ordinary days, bringing inspiration into them – that of the magic and beauty of the everyday miracles we so often just don’t see.

The book is full of images of mirrors, of things and beings photographed, and in it we see ourselves, too, reflected not as our everyday, perhaps harried selves, but larger than life and somehow more spiritual – our Goddess selves look back at us from the images called forth.  The writing style, deceptively simple and poetic, certainly helps this process.

Is the temple a real place or just a new way of looking at the stars above the city streets and the concrete paths of the city park?  What will happen to Suzanne, her husband, friends and neighbourhood as everyone around is touched by the magic all around them?

I would urge you to read the book and find out for yourselves what happens and experience the magic for yourself!

©September 2010, Geraldine Charles

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