I am the green of grass the red of flame the blue of water
the yellow of bone.  The orange of sunlight the purple of ling
the indigo of moonlight on the old quartz stone.
I am the green of heathland the red of tongue
the blue of egg the yellow of gorse. The orange of rose-hip
the purple of sage the indigo of shadow in the season’s turn.
I am woman and serpent one and the same; I am dragon
and sunlight the sky and the moon.
I am your lover naked in the afternoon.
I am the earth and nature egg and bird; I am the song
and singer the dancing word.
I sleep now curled but watch me in the morning.  I am
woman and earth.  You have had your warning.
I am peaceful in the old times, polluted in the new.
I shall pour my acid rain on you.
I am healing and hurting one and the same.  I am old
I am young and I cannot be tamed.

moonseanight©Caeia March

Extract from The Song of Iseult
in Reflections, The Women’s
Press 1995, in Caeia’s latest book,
moonseanight, PS Avalon, 2007.

Both Reflections and
moonseanight are
available from Caeia