The Brass Brassiere

Knowing it's time to protect myself
I place my brass Brassiere
over my voluptuous breasts
to stop the milk from flowing onto my belly
It holds in my stories
My innards my me I
Stopping me from drying out
Giving me permission to say No
I will protect my pelt, me, I
I will stop doing for others 'Now'
I will do for me, I
I give myself time off
A vacation without the sun or travel
I have claimed the sun and travel within me
The light is in me
My light, I
I reclaim me
I return to me
My Goddess within
My Brass Brassiere is my friend
Like Bodecea I wear it proudly
Making the promise to myself
I will never dry out again
I will be wet and juicy and free
For me to be me I
I dive into my psyche to reclaim me, I
Wearing my Brass Brassiere I am complete
Safe in myself
I decorate it with feathers and jewels of carnelian,
rubies and diamonds and shiny amethysts
I place the sacred spires of life over each nipple
I engrave my name on the clasps of my Brass Brassiere
I have straps of power over my shoulders
My breasts are healthy and I am safe, as am I
My spirit dances in joy
I dance on the rock looking out to sea
I turn towards home
Taking back my resources
My time me, I
Giving myself comfort I give me my needs first
My wants and wishes
I gift them to me
As a right
I take back my own true energy
I reckon up my own spiritual bank account
My spark is making a comeback
And I applaud myself thunderously
Until my palms are orgasmically my own once again.

©Maria Duncalf-Barber

Inspired by “Sealskin Soulskin”, in Women Who Run With the Wolves, by Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes