Reviewed by Irisanya

"The Morrigan is a very complex Goddess, as are the other deities
that are known under that title."
- "The Morrigan: Meeting the Great Queens"

The MorriganWhenever I begin to read a book on the Morrigan, I become a little worried. First, because there is so little available for research, it can be difficult to speak to what is completely true. In "The Morrigan: Meeting the Great Queens," I felt completely at ease in the first few pages. By allowing for a broader conversation, as well as an admittance of personal relationship, Morgan Daimler works diligently to bring a newcomer to the Morrigan into the conversation.

What works well for me is the inclusiveness of the many, many facets of the Morrigan. While this can become confusing when you're first looking into the Great Queens, Morgan Daimler has divided the book into sections that create a more effective dialogue. Morgan Daimler speaks of Morrigu, Goddess of Battle; Macha, Goddess of Sovereignty; and Badb, Goddess of Prophecy. Instead of trying to put all of these aspects and names together, the author is careful to create distinction.

Of course, there are many other names by which the Morrigan is known, so these are also mentioned and noted with reverence. The reader is also able to get to know the Morrigan in mythology, in the modern world, and through associated animals.

The care the author has taken to cite research and to make the vast amount of information accessible is clear and appreciated. (And one has to assume that the author's personal relationship has factored into this care.) The moments when the author relates her own experiences and interpretations are lovely, and they make the Morrigan come to life.

I was also delighted to see prayers and invocations included, as these can become gateways into understanding, especially for those who are less interested in academic scholarship.

But what stands out for me in "The Morrigan: Meeting the Great Queens" is the book's ability to connect with the reader where they are right now - without overburdening the reader with too many details. Because the information on the Morrigan is so extensive, it can be difficult for many to get to know her beyond the broader strokes of understanding. However, this book is written in a way that generates a clear understanding of the Morrigan while also offering the invitation to learn more.

For those who are already drawn to the energy of the Morrigan, this book by Morgan Daimler is a certainly one that will draw you in closer, as it did for me.

"The Morrigan: Meeting the Great Queens" is published by Moon Books and is available from their website and from Amazon.