The island embraces me
The home of Ixchel
Moon Goddess
of pregnant women
Goddess of fertility
Mother of Bacabs.

Gentle island where
women come to pray
I come to rest
I swing on your pink hammock
I am back in the womb
Into the centre of you
I am safe, warm, fulfilled.

Mexican Corona slides
into my throat
like mother’s milk
I am refreshed
You open your arms
To coddle me
I am with the mother
She bathes me with love.

The wind travels around my face
The breeze lifts my spirit
The azure blue sea is wandering
I swim in your contours
Discarding the old.

The white sand between my toes
Exhilarates me
Rainbow Goddess of childbirth
As I receive the new
I am part of womankind

My ancestors of women know me
Letting me rest and revive
I feel my innards being caressed

My womaness is whole
I am fertile with life
As the sun sets
peacefully around me
I am pregnant
With possibilities.

©July 2008, Maria Duncalf-Barber