Reviewed by Wendy Stokes

The Goddess in AmericaThis is an anthology of specialist essays by 19 Goddess experts. Included in the articles are Native American (such as the Cherokee, Hopi and Maya), Irish, African, Creole, Hebrew and female deities from other cultures, along with modern influences, such as feminist, shaman, Christian, psychologist, Goth, witch, and other perspectives.

This book describes who the Goddess is, what She requires, and how and where to find Her. It describes the importance of the advantages of womanhood which are different from those of manhood. The book covers eras from the Minoan culture, through the Canaanite to the Goddesses of today.

Eco-feminists, social justice leaders, healers, change-makers and spiritual seekers will find these essays of great interest in addition to all women who have an interest in spiritual understanding and self development. Much is written here about the importance of the land and of the planet, about the humility required to care for all peoples, and all species. We are invited to re-find what has been lost to women, many of whom are searching for support, strength, understanding, direction, communication and camaraderie through the Divine Feminine.

Matriarchal creation stories are retold, and ancient wisdom of equal and caring societies are detailed. There are many academic pieces but the practical is not forgotten. The old combines with the new. There is much to learn from these expert writers, whose work is  enriching, thoughtful, educational and worthy of a second and third reading. Men can also benefit from this book and from this topic in general. Excellent value.


The Goddess in America is published by Moon Books. Paperback 204 pages: £10.99 . Kindle: £3.59