Ann writes: "It was in 2001 that Tyna Redpath first invited me to photograph the Glastonbury Goddess Conference, co-founded with Kathy Jones in 1996. I accepted with huge delight, but also with some anxiety and not a little caution. Now, having worked on nine Conferences, the anxiety has gone, but the caution remains. I have always known it to be a great privilege to be trusted with the photography of this amazing event, and am fully aware that my approach must above all, be considerate, sensitive, and respectful of those indeed, who may NOT want their photograph taken!

As a people and portrait photographer, I love it all for the beautifully dressed delegates, the colour, the vitality, the unusual or unique “happenings”, the madness, the freedom of women to be themselves, the sheer talent of speakers, performers and organisers to produce something different, surprising and wonderful each year.

Over the years, I have become more and more convinced of the historical (sorry, herstorical!) value of photographs of the Conference, and now have a huge archive of transparencies and digital files. Some of these have been published in the local press, and other publications, including a French Travel magazine! Other images are included in my portraiture lectures around the country, thus spreading the word of this extraordinary, unique event that is the Glastonbury Goddess Conference

My passion for photography started on a journey to India in 1983 – so travel was the main inspiration for many years as my husband and I explored far flung corners of the world. We were always intensely interested in people, different cultures,  family life, arts and religions – so now, no longer able to travel so far, Glastonbury has become the hub of my photographic interest. It never disappoints! I am convinced it has more colourful festivals, celebrations and events than anywhere else in the world! In 2000 I was awarded a Fellowship of the Royal Photographic Society with a panel of photographs of the Glastonbury Festival. Images have been published by the BBC, in the National Geographic Magazine, the Times, New Statesman, Big Issue, Record Collector, Venue Magazine, and in Travel brochures, programmes and the local press. I also work on private portrait commissions in my home/barn studio."

Images can be viewed at Ann for passwords for Protected Galleries.


(Our beautiful cover photo is of Rose Flint as Crone at the Glastonbury Goddess Conference, 2008.  Don't miss the poem Instant of a Crow Wing in this issue and there are many others in previous Goddess Pages - with many more to come, we hope.  Editor)