Here’s to Tailtu, foster mother to deity Lugh
whose day Lammas is. Tailtu prepared Ireland
for cultivation, clearcut demolishing all forest

so Lugh as Wind, as Lightning could open ways
to invention, new worlds of agriculture— laying
waste the trees to feed folk now at first harvest.

Tailtu lay down to die, exhausted. If she hadn’t
sacrificed herself, great Druid oak and ash groves
would still be flourishing to protect and teach us.

In her end is our beginning. Lughnasadh is called
Brón Trogain (Sorrow of Sorrows) to honour all
that’s gone before, all that dies so we may eat.

Paeans to the goddess:

Helwa! (Beautiful), poetry chapbook, Pigeonbike Press,   [Dedicated to Noot and Hathor.  See www.pennkemp.wordpress.com; https://pennkemp.wordpress.com/2014/11/18/celebrating-ancient-egypt-helwa/.]

THROO, poetry book, Moonstone Press.[Dedicated to 9 Goddesses, including Tara. Artemis, Hathor, Venus, Hecate, Demeter, Hera, Persephone, Changing Woman, and Sekhmet]

Night Vision, poetry CD, Pendas Productions [Dedicated to Noot and Hathor]

Luminous Entrance, poetry DVD, Pendas Productions [Dedicated to our beloved Gaia in all her guises.]

Trance Form, poetry book, Pendas Productions [Dedicated to Tara]
Trance Dance Form, poetry CD, Pendas Productions [Dedicated to Tara]

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