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“The Goddess in Glastonbury at Samhain”: a film directed by Kathy Jones

This DVD was filmed in 1989 at Samhain, marking the special time of year when the veils between this world and the otherworld are thin and the dark Goddess is visible in the land. This film is a rare and visionary treasure for all Goddess-loving people who want to experience her nature in the mystical landscape of Glastonbury-Avalon. In 90 minutes, it weaves a tapestry of myth, storytelling, stunningly intense scenes of ceremony and ritual dance, landscape impressions, and scholarly explorations of the nature of the Goddess.

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The Halloween Festival, London

Each year two wonderful events, the Beltane Bash and the Halloween Festival, are held in London, UK, with all profits going to the purchase and preservation of Ravens Wood, a wonderful pagan ‘owned’ wood in the heart of the Hertfordshire countryside, and a place where the Goddess, in Her guise as The Morrigan, is celebrated through the changing of the seasons.

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Hallows: Suggestions for Celebration

For Witches, such as myself, Pagans and other followers of the Old Ways, Hallows (also known as Samhain or Halloween, among other names) marks the third, final harvest and a new year. It is a time of introspection, withdrawal and honoring the Goddesses known as “dark”, the Crone or Hag. As Winter draws near, we begin that journey down and within.

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Witching Hour

Tonight the sky is full of watching eyes
as the Ancestors press their faces
close up to the razor-edge that separates
the living from the dead.

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