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“The Morrigan: Meeting the Great Queens”, by Morgan Daimler

Whenever I begin to read a book on the Morrigan, I become a little worried. First, because there is so little available for research, it can be difficult to speak to what is completely true. In “The Morrigan: Meeting the Great Queens,” I felt completely at ease in the first few pages. By allowing for a broader conversation, as well as an admittance of personal relationship, Morgan Daimler works diligently to bring a newcomer to the Morrigan into the conversation.

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Finding the Morrigan

The Morrigan is a Goddess who fascinates many people. In the modern world she is found in many guises and is said to rule over a diverse array of things; in the ancient world she appeared in certain forms and was associated with specific activities and qualities. The picture of the ancient Goddess does not always line up with the modern image embraced by so many, creating a shifting mist that a follower of the Morrigan must wander their way through.

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