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“Dreams of Gaia” cards, by Ravynne Phelan

The deck is designed for self awareness communication with the ‘Divine Gaia’, the Great Spirit of the natural world. As you work with the cards, a yes or no andwer is not provided as there are no definitive answers in life. This deck is more about learning about the self and about life itself, and when the cards speak, they provide options and possible solutions. Keeping a journal is suggested for best results.

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Grand Canyon Pilgrimage

“Where are you from?” they ask.
Before they tell us anything about the pottery we are admiring:
         sharp blade etching, clay essence,
         singed horsehair stain,
         Yucca leaf brushing;

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Eating the Flesh of the Goddess: Demeter and the “Bread of Life”

Strange as it may sound today, religion and food were once intimately connected. Ensuring adequate provisions for survival has been a major concern since the dawn of humanity. Since all food ultimately comes from the Earth, it came to be regarded as a generous Mother Goddess who nourishes her offspring, human or otherwise. As such, she had to be propitiated and thanked, in order to continue providing. It is barely stretching the imagination to think that rituals and offerings may have first been invented for this purpose.

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“Gaia Emerging – Goddess Beliefs and Practices in Australia” by Patricia Rose and Tricia Szirom

Whether or not you are Australian this small book is packed with information. It is also a source of useful questions about the history and nature of emerging Goddess spirituality and has certainly set me thinking. One of the things I like about the book is that it is well organised, leading you systematically through an account of global as well as local experience of Goddess spirituality.

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