An online journal of Goddess spirituality, we launched at Samhain 2006 and now have thousands of readers all over the world.  The vast majority of readers are in the USA, but there are about as many in Europe if we add all those countries' readers together.  We also have a growing readership in Australia, China and - well, everywhere!

A print version of the magazine was added, after much urging from readers, at Lammas 2007, but as the magazine has continued to make a loss throughout its existence, probably because I prefer to keep as much content free online as possible, it had to be withdrawn.  However, there were PDF versions of every issue except the very first).

With issue 30, we stopped publishing in a magazine format and shifted to a blog, and PDFs will only be available on request (please contact us if you need to have an item in that format).

The journal continues to evolve, and currently includes articles, fiction, poetry and reviews, but we are interested in hearing from anyone who would like to submit work for consideration, including artwork. We’re interested in Goddess-focused work from all over the world and do ask that contributions are not too “new age” in tone. We intend this journal to reflect a woman-centred, non-patriarchal Goddess spirituality – and submissions from Goddess-loving men are also very welcome.

If possible, please keep articles and fiction to around 2,000 words - or write first to discuss.

If you're sending artwork or photographs, then please note that you need to own the copyright of images, or have permission to use them.

We are also happy to receive reviews of Goddess-focused books, music, film, events - anything that can be reviewed, really! However, please write first as we might be planning something ourselves. We try to keep reviews to around 500 words. If you have something you'd like us to review, don't hesitate to get in touch.

While preferring work that hasn't previously been published elsewhere, that isn't a complete no-no, so please check with us.

Wherever possible, please submit work electronically, in plain text (within the body of an email is fine).  If your article includes photographs or other images then by all means indicate where they should go.  Always contact us first if in doubt!

Please note that we cannot guarantee when accepted content will be published.

Submissions can be made at any time and publishing will be "ad hoc", but usually two or three blog posts at a time.