Wishing everyone a wonderful Lammas!  I was in Avebury last week: for me, the perfect place to celebrate.  Even though Britain has seemed a little less "green and pleasant" because of the unusually warm weather, it was still great to see the wheat and barley ripe and ready for harvest in the fields around the Avebury henge, West Kennet Long Barrow and Silbury Hill, to mention but a few amazing places to visit there.

Some excellent news for Goddess Alive! readers: I looked after the website for years and when Cheryl Straffon, the founding editor, retired I couldn't bear the thought of all that content vanishing.  I wasn't sure if I had the technical ability to pull all the information into a separate website within Goddess Pages, but it seems to have worked and you can now find all the wonderful material published in GA! by clicking here. There may be teething troubles, don't hesitate to let me know if you find a link that doesn't work or any other problem.

Cheryl and I have borne the cost of this between us so I hardly need say that donations to the cause are welcome! If you do decide to donate, please don't forget to let us know how you would like your donation to be used, whether for Goddess Alive!, Goddess Pages or split between the two magazines - you can do this by using our usual contact form.

If you'd like to contact Cheryl, you can do so from the contact page on the GA! pages - but to make life easier, do click here to find it!

With many blessings
Geraldine Charles