by Joyce Bergkotte

Her veiled voice sounds
in a pitch-black sky
covered by a million stars
I recognize her...,
recognize her in me
graceful, powerful, sensual
she sees me in full surrender
initiated into the deep mysteries of the elements
I feel her presence in the Other World
softly transforming into reality
like an everlasting dream
in the silent presence of the dark moon
she touches me in my deepest essence
waves of intensity, woven with inner knowing
blooming like a rose, a heart so open
come to me, come inside of me, be me
as I am you in the silver threads
connecting us throughout time
enfolded by mists I stand there
receiving, giving, flowing
the well whispers softly, I listen, quietly
speak words of love
she listens and is
the essence of my words
carried by a million stars
they know

© Joyce Bergkotte