Reviewed by Rose Caruana

sekhmetNicki Scully is not just a writer, she is the sacred beacon of the Divine roar which Sekhmet emits into this world.

"Sekhmet: Transformation in the Belly of the Goddess" holds a genuine and powerful message which comes straight from the eternal Goddess. When I was given the opportunity to review this book, I did so in order to reconnect with the energy of this mighty 4,000-year-old Goddess. Back in 2012, Sekhmet clawed herself into my life with all her might, dragging me out of a destructive and abusive relationship which was bleeding me of my spirit. When Sekhmet’s thunderous roar comes booming into your life, you simply cannot say no. This is what Nicki conveys in this wondrous piece of literature.

Few people know and understand the power, compassion and love that this Goddess brings forth. Her fierce loving, her sensational healing and the gentle power she exudes helps you achieve your higher purpose is perfectly demonstrated in this book – a book which is a candid rendition of a lifetime’s work with the transmuting energies of Sekhmet. Nicki humbly but effectively gives you honest glimpses of Sekmet’s humanity. Through Nicki’s personal entries and profound sharing, Sekhmet is transformed into an approachable and accessible divine Goddess for everyone who wants to hear her roar.

As I was reading I could subtly hear Sekhmet calling again, gently sweeping through like winds across the desert’s surface. "Sekhmet: Transformation in the Belly of the Goddess" is not simply compiled research and information — it’s a call of the ancient times percolating through to the modern world. It’s a loud echo which vibrates Sekhmet’s divine presence in a time and era where it is much needed. Nicki’s voice blends in with Sekhmet’s plea to humanity to heal, to seek out on a personal and global level the necessary action to bring in balance and equilibrium.

If this book’s work calls you, I truly recommend heeding its extraordinary call: a call to warriors born at this time and age, a call which will awaken you from a deep slumber and remind you what your true purpose is. These words will stir older memories and ancient knowledge which you carry within your very own body.

Nicki’s beautiful descriptions and helpful exercises will help you connect to this higher being. The life- changing moments described here will truly rip you apart and tear away the unwanted from your life. Prepare to be cracked open and receive the power to transform your rage into unconditional love — the ultimate tool which all warriors on a sacred quest need today. Heed Nicki’s advice and instructions, and in turn you will be shown how to enter chaos, tilt yourself upside down and jump into the cauldron of change. What is promised is that you will come out wild, roaring and free — ready to do your part in the change humanity so much needs.

I want to thank Nicki, her sacred journey and her true message from our lion-headed divine daughter of the Sun Goddess, it must not be easy to channel such a powerful essence and bear her message. Yet, Scully does so with simplicity, honour and trust, conveying to us the most powerful message of all. It is never easy being a priestess, but through Nicki’s book, those of us who are called are given a message of hope, reinforcement and support. Sekhmet is there for everyone who needs her. Read this book and be ready to be Sekhmetised!

With blessings
Rose Caruana
Priestess of the Malta Goddess & Facilitator of Sacred Journeys in the Maltese Temples of the Mother