She rises up out of the sea mist foam, her hair a torrent of cascading waves all around her, shimmering with thousands of water droplets. The salty air is her skin, the emerald green water her body, she is adorned with algae and jewels from the sea. She beckons you to join her, breathe in the salty essence that is Mother Ocean and feel the awe, beauty and depth that is felt in the water realm. Let her waves soothe your soul and allow yourself to relax, drift, play or dream.

The Sea Myst Siren was created by Sanndi Thompson, Sanndi resides in Georgia, U.S.A.

Prints of Sea Myst Siren and other mystical muses can be seen online and are for sale. Visit site or email for more information. Sanndi Art can also be found on Facebook, stop by and say Hi!