by Seren Bertrand, Co-founder and Creative Director at The Fountain of Life

Can you feel something shifting in the collective consciousness?

We are in the middle of an incredible renaissance of feminine wisdom.

Looking around, it becomes clear that this wisdom is downloading into our consciousness on an unprecedented scale, calling women back to their sacred center: their Womb, the seat of the feminine power of creative manifestation.

For too long the feminine wisdom ways have been forgotten, buried, destroyed. The self-care rituals and feminine pathway initiations have been discarded by a culture that has sought to devalue and destroy the very power that birthed it.

The sacred traditions of our distant ancestors, which taught how to nurture, care for, protect and awaken the Womb, are no longer passed to us at Menarche.

Instead, most young girls have been taught to block the descending flow of their menstruating Wombs with tampons and commercial pads, to numb out any pain with chemicals, to practice a ‘feminine hygiene’ that is fear of the wild feminine essence dressed up as cleanliness, with our power and intuition sanitized too.

Rebirth of the Womb Temple

Yet the collective Temple of our Womb is once again awakening to her glory.

With this remembrance our ancient self-care rituals are rebirthing too. 

Yoni-Steaming or Vaginal steaming as it is also known is returning to mass consciousness – with popular magazine articles now featuring its benefits.

This feminine healing art has been traditionally practiced in many ancient cultures, including Mayan, African, Egyptian, Korean to name but a few. By using hot water infused with healing herbs to gently steam open the yoni and root and penetrate the Womb, physical, emotional and energetic toxins can release.

The practice is now becoming widespread, and is included in our own Womb Awakening programs, and also those of Dr Rosita Arvigo and the Yoni Steam Institute, which focuses on healing the Wombs of Women of Color, to name a few.

For me, the return of these feminine healing arts is a beautifully mysterious process. While there is an understandable desire to emphasize the ‘medical’ benefits of these practices – which include helping to heal infertility, cysts, fibroids and endometriosis, I sense the deepest medicine is for the feminine soul.

In feminine shamanic traditions the balancing power of fire and water is well known. Yoni-Steaming brings the blessing of water to cleanse, open, soften; to gently nurture our most intimate self with the mystery of the living waters.

The practice of the Yoni-Smudge is less well known, yet also a very ancient tradition, harnessing the power of fire to cleanse, renew, and revitalise with healing smoke – bringing its orgasmic, enlivening gifts of the ascending energy to the Yoni.

Originally the Yoni-Smudge and the Yoni-Steam also cycled with the energetic signatures of the Dark Moon and the Full Moon, weaving them together.

Like the Yoni-Steam, the Yoni-Smudge is recorded as a powerful ancient feminine healing art. Archeologists have discovered papyri in Egypt that record prescriptions given to women to sit over smoking resins of frankincense, allowing the smoke to enter their Womb, in order to enhance their fertility.

These ancient papyri contain a wisdom that is also encoded in our feminine DNA and the ancestral and intuitive wisdom of our Wombs – if we listen to this Voice within.

Celtic Womb Priestesses

Coming from a Celtic ancestry, I have had to search the akashic records in the dreamtime to re-member these feminine healing rituals – as any written records of these healing arts being used in Britain was either lost or destroyed during the witch hunts, which targeted wise women who practiced herbalism, midwifery and the feminine healing arts – the natural seat of wisdom for Womb self-care rituals.

In 2013, on the eve of a Womb Awakening retreat held in a Celtic Roundhouse in the mystical heartlands of Cornwall, the Lyonesse of old legends, something magical happened – a coven of beautiful Womb Priestesses visited me in the dreamtime to share their wisdom thread of the feminine healing arts.

The land we were staying on was very sacred, and has been in use for at least 5,000 years. Pottery remains found on the site depicted symbols of red downward facing triangles – the ancient symbol of the sacred Womb. Clearly this was a place sacred to the Womb Mysteries, and the Ancestral Womb Shamans.

The vision that came to me in the dreamtime was shimmering with color and vibrancy, rich with the beauty of the feminine ways. A coven of Womb Priestesses were swirling and spiraling in a mystical dance very similar to Sufi-whirling, wearing gorgeous rainbow colored skirts vivid with intricate patterns. Their movements were almost in slow-motion, and the fluid beauty of their rainbow skirts, moving in a synchronized serpentine flow was breathtaking.

Finally their swirling dance stopped and one by one each Priestess came to a standstill, creating a geometric formation, with the expanse of each of their rainbow skirts extending to the floor, creating a beautiful, conical tent like effect.

Now the rich scent of incense and healing resins began to arise, and I could feel and see that each woman was standing over a smudge bowl, and that the expanse of their skirts was creating a womb-like enclosure for the smoke.

Priestess of Delphi, by John Collier

Priestess of Delphi, by John Collier

The Priestesses communicated to me that this was an important feminine healing art they had used to cleanse and enliven the Womb and Yoni, both for healing and prophecy. They were wishing to transmit this wisdom again.

I had heard that the Priestesses of Delphi, the famous Womb Oracles, had crouched over a natural hole in the earth, receiving hot steam into their Yoni, in order to prophesize, but I had not imagined it was a widespread practice.

Yet here were Celtic Womb Priestesses, who had sought contact with me in the dreamtime to let me know this was a practice that could be embraced by all women. It made perfect sense. The power of ritual smudging is widespread in most shamanic cultures, and it made womb-sense that it was a feminine healing art that could empower women to heal and restore the power of their Wombs.

Feminine Self-Care

Yoni steaming at home is a very simple process that takes about an hour. It is also a powerful time for prayer, contemplation, meditation, or devotional chanting and toning. You will need a bowl of hot water, fresh or dried herbs (not essential oils), and ideally a specially made Yoni Steam chair (although you can place the bowl in the toilet). Popular herbs used include motherwort, holy basil, chamomile, thyme, rose and red clover.  Simmer the herbs in a pan of water for ten minutes and then allow to steep for at least five minutes, and then pour it into your Yoni-Root Steam bowl.

If you are not familiar with the practice or have health issues it is advised that you contact a Womb Mentor or seek guidance before you try the practice on your own.

These feminine healing arts are powerful and simple – they invite us to create sacred space in the midst of our modern lives, and include our womb in our self-care. Not only can they heal our physical womb, they can also heal our feminine soul by reconnecting us to the mystical beauty of our lost feminine traditions.

The wisdom is within you, and the power to heal is also within you. By nurturing and tending to your sacred fire within, something new can be born in your life.