“How do you know I’m mad?” said Alice.
“You must be, said the cat, “or you wouldn’t have come here.”

"The Effect", by Linda HoyI have no problem with the idea of science meeting spirituality and eagerly read anything that will help me to understand the concepts.  I love it when someone explains modern physics to me – suddenly I get it!  Then, within seconds, the clarity is gone again … is this just me?  I suspect the cat understands on some level I don’t have access to.

So anyhow, I grabbed this book to review, expecting a bit of a chore ahead, but not this time!  “The Effect” is very well-written and I got through it practically in one sitting, although I’ve already returned and re-read some for deeper understanding.  I also usually turn the page at the mere mention of angels but I’m disarmed as Linda Hoy admits to having been a born-again atheist and read on from curiosity, drawn in ever deeper by the amazing synchronicities – which I’m sure most of us have experienced.  And her angels are not the floaty, new-age phenomena I’ve come to know and dread:

“So much for angels as airy messengers of peace.  More like a delivery of hard-core rubble and concrete”.

The book doesn’t stop at synchronicity.  Near-death experiences, dark matter, premonitions, multiple universes, intuition and more are beautifully handled.  I loved the chapter on creativity, and although I would have liked more on the role of Goddess in inspiring us, it all rang many bells of memory and recognition, the act of writing as – often – a piece writes itself, you see a sentence you have apparently just produced, and know exactly where it leads – despite the fact that you didn’t consciously mean to write just that sentence.

The humour keeps the pages turning and makes some of the more difficult topics easy to read and absorb.  The tone may be light but there is a lot of good information here, particularly for anyone interested in time – is it circular or linear? If time is circular, would that suffice to explain many otherwise seemingly impossible phenomena?

If you’re a person of healthy curiosity, tidy away your beliefs and prejudices, however temporarily, and treat yourself – I thoroughly recommend this lively and engaging look at mysticism and modern physics.


“The Effect” is published by John Hunt Publishing and can be obtained from Amazon.