Your Benevolent Face

Thanks to sculptor Foosiya (Freddie) Miller for “Untitled”
which appears in The Goddess Pages issue 27

"Untitled", by Foosiya (Freddie) Miller

I watch your sculpted expression
soften into Divine Flesh.
You call me
to crawl into your arms.
With love in your voice
that soothes my human cares,
you rock me and croon.

I feel you, Beautiful One,
shine your eyes of kindness
upon me. You give
quick and true,
that all is unfolding
the way You
have intended.

Great Mother,
your benevolent face
receives me as novice,
greets me as daughter,
meets me as equal,
and welcomes me,
oh welcomes me!
all the way home.

©Susa Silvermarie 2015


Cleanse Me of Certainty

Raging river

The river is swirling, swirling.
The banks are far from my sight.
The fast waters frighten me.
Sequana! Goddess of the River!
The rushing waters toss me about,
I am their plaything.
Without your strong hand,
the great flow takes me under,
my knowing is gone,
my long years are as nothing.

Sequana, guide me!
Though I cannot see my way,
I turn in trust to you.
Cleanse me of certainty,
and unbending destinations.
Fast-Flowing One,
right the vessel of my life,
set me in the flow.
Teach me surrender
to your swift transformations.

©Susa Silvermarie 2015


The Quietly Singing Thing

The Quietly Singing Thing

When aloneness looms
like a giant shadow on the ceiling,
when it windmills its many arms
and it shouts in both your ears,
connection is still the true thing,
the quietly singing thing.

As air is always there in your lungs,
belonging is always close and true.
When you have dangled singly,
and flailed as if
separation could be credible;
when you have foolishly forgotten

your own dear clan of earthlings,
when, myopic, you have imagined
you are a star without
a neighbor in the cosmos,
then you must listen,
and fix your attention,

for belonging will call you,
though it be by whisper  or by sign.
Connection will beckon you
softly back,
into the soothing hum,
into the big-bodied whole.

©Susa Silvermarie 2015