Reviewed by Wendy Stokes

Wendy Rule is an award-winning Australian singer-songwriter. She has carved a special niche with her exceptional album compositions.

Her latest has taken many years to create and is a powerful 24 track double album, titled 'Persephone'. This is her 17th since her first, Zero, was launched in 1996. With haunting vocals and spine chilling musical accompaniment, Wendy paints a picture in the mind of her listeners of this ancient and heart-rending myth. The inserted leaflet describes this ancient story. Also included in the insert are the words of the songs with information on how the album was created. This Greek tale begins with the maiden Kore who is collecting flowers on the hillside with Demeter her mother who is the Earth Goddess and Goddess of the Harvest. With a dreadful betrayal, the Earth itself, Gaia, conspires with Demeter's brothers, Zeus and Hades to abduct Kore into the Underworld where Hades transforms her into Queen and renames her Persephone for her role as guide to the souls of the dead. Meanwhile, Demeter is in a panic and rage, grieves for the loss of her daughter and the people of Eleusis comfort her. She demands the release of her beloved daughter. Zeus sees the suffering of people and is forced to comply. Because Persephone has eaten six ruby red pomegranate seeds, Demeter accepts that her daughter should reside in the Underworld for 6 months of the year and then return to her so the earth can bloom again.


A few track titles: Flowers, Thanatos, Dark Shadow, Above and Below, In Life is Death - In Death is Life, The Dark Earth Opened, The Curse, The Temple, All Is As It Must Be, The Ascent.

Wendy Rule has been a practicing witch for the past twenty years and her music reflects the cycles of nature, tarot, astrology, and pagan/polytheistic beliefs. She tours extensively, playing live at conferences and festivals.

Recorded in Melbourne and in Santa Fe, where Wendy and her partner now live, the Album front cover and artwork is by Vicki Teague-Cooper with Photography by Karen Keuhn. Wendy plays several instruments on the album and is accompanied by the Greek chorus singers, Mikelangel as Hades, and musicians Rachel Samuel and Elissa Goodrich.

You can download from Wendy's website at $.99 per track or $20 per album. $30 per CD.

There is a limited edition of 500 vinyl records available.

Wendy’s Tour Dates for  2019:

New Hampshire - Aug 22
Albuquerque - Sept 6
Santa Fe - Sept 7
Simi Valley - Sept 12
San Diego - Sept 14
California - Sept 15
Netherlands - Oct 12
Antwerp - Oct 13
London - Oct 15
Glastonbury - Oct 17 & 18
Devon - Oct 19
Phoenix - Nov 2
Australia Nov & Dec

Wendy’s website is