O my cunt, my cunning cunt,
My slippery singing bird,
Creatrix and comforter,
I sing your praises!

To my provocative pussy,
Purveyor of pleasure,
I bedeck you with sweet scented flowers.

To my climax inducing clitoris,
Cheeky core of glistendom,
I raise up my voice and say hallelujah!

To my vivacious vulva,
Violet vixen and crimson queen,
I vow to have you ploughed whenever
You so desire.

To my luscious labia
I promise lingering licks and soporific sighs.

To my voracious and vertiginous vagina
I will offer the virile vajra of he who I love best.

To my gorgeous G spot
Long may the throngs of glitterati gild your glowing greatness.

To my secluded cervix
Inner gateway to the mysteries
I promise never to throw my cap at you again.

To the wondrous life-giving womb
Simmering cauldron and jade palace
I salute your sacred hallows.

To my honourable ovaries,
Seat of all the ancestors
And compact jewels of unimaginable possibilities
I pay homage.

To my wise old woman,
Wizened and wordless,
But deep, rich and eternal
I bow down and worship.

©Hazel Loveridge