To Follow the Song of the Moon

In a world dominated by a linear solar calendar it can be deeply healing and balancing to attune to the moon and Moon Diary products help us to do just that; each one is a beautiful work of art in its own right and together they provide reminder of our link to the moon which we can carry with us all the time.

The Moon Diary, which can be provided for either the northern or southern hemisphere, feels handmade and has a beautiful cover, which makes me smile each time I see it, and yet it is small enough, and sturdy enough, to be carried around in any ‘creatively bulging’ bag. Inside there is a week to view on each double page and it is full of (just enough) information about the moon, together with ideas for celebrating seasonal festivals, for simple ritual, and for nurturing, creative activities, intertwined with beautiful, quirky images…and the whole thing is handwritten by Shekinah Morgan so it feels as though a friend has given you a special gift. There are also several handy blank pages in the back, which is always the sign of a good diary in my opinion.

Almost everything that can be said for the diary can also be said for the address book, which is printed on recycled paper and has a beautiful black and gold cover. Each page is clearly set out and has plenty of space for addresses and each letter begins with a piece of writing about the moon, a festival, or a goddess, once again handwritten and illustrated by Shekinah Morgan. I particularly liked K for Kali and O for owl.

The Moon Cycle wall chart is also a wonderful addition to the life of anyone who wants to acknowledge the moon in their lives. Primarily a record of menstruation I think that it could also be used by men who wish to follow the moon’s effect on them. It’s a nicely sized chart, printed on good quality paper, with joyous images, and lots of space for your own insights (mainly in the form of coloured blobs, which you can choose the meaning of).

I have nothing but praise for Moon diary products; not just for their beauty, or their ability to remind us of our link to the moon, but also for their simplicity and their celebration of women, who are shown in the images alone or in groups, dancing, cooking, or meditating, but always celebrating life.

©Jacqui Woodward-Smith

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