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DAW1Hello Sweeties, Baubo Biggins here

So much has transpired since I last put pen to paper but instead of luxuriating in musings on creativity or spiritual epiphanies, I must jump right in to a most retching development on the American political scene. Let me state before I start that the opinions herewith imparted are mine and mine alone - no other entity or deity should be held culpable.

Usually, for health reasons, I avoid news shows. When I must peek in, it would be to dear Rachel Maddow or Jon Stewart. There I feel my time and energy are honored. As the US presidential election of 2012 is gearing up here I have to look in a time or two to see who or what has jumped the tracks.

I was in for quite a surprise.

This past week one of Rachel Sweetie's guest hosts had a panel discussing the growing fight concerning women's rights versus religious freedom. Covering all bases the Catholic Church had a legal representative present via satellite.   As I cannot remember his actual name and don't plan to look it up I shall call him Father Bosco. Because of my own strong belief in religious freedom I rarely share my view of the Catholic Church with others - I leave it to one's own experience to be one's guide.  In responding to the CC Rep the TV panel and host were being as courteous as I would have expected of myself, if I were in their socks. But Sweeties, being at home and not wearing socks I was moved beyond restraint by the CC rep's amazing delivery.*

Father B opines that women are tired of the American government telling them that being a woman is a medical condition which needs to be treated with contraceptives. They are tired of the government telling them that pregnancy is a disease to be terminated. (I paraphrase but only barely.)  It would seem that the right to express sexuality is one that Father B, et al., feel qualified to define and regulate. (They did such a good job with that in the past.**)  You Sweeties who know me can imagine my response.  Father B received a Baubo salute.  And not in a good way.

But that alone has not assuaged my dismay and I feel compelled to share some words with the good father:

Who do you think you are to assert that you represent Women? How do you, a person who lives a celibate life with some pretty nifty health care and job security, think you know the needs of Women on any level? Father Sweetie, who are you, representing the CC, to think you are good stewards of born or unborn children?

Your views on Women should be, sheepishly, taken up in a therapy group and not paraded with dogmatic pride for all of TV-dom to see.

Father B, I am one who believes that clergy should be celibate or swing from chandeliers with consenting adults - as they see fit. You, I surmise, have chosen a celibate path of your own volition. That does not mean you have any remote or imaginary authority to mandate that path for all Women.  I suppose you will be providing a big shoe or a big stake if Women wish to choose otherwise.

O.K.  In your defense, maybe you are just missing the big picture here - WOMEN - like WOMEN in over half the population - WOMEN - all of every double XX individual on the face of the planet. (Do you get how small you really are FB?)

This is not a fight about religious rights - this is not a fight about the government taking control of American Lives - this is a fight about misogyny.  Father B and Company - you lost that fight - move on.

Hugs and (Yes) Blessings,


* Apologies to all who find real spiritual comfort in this faith (return)
** See the Malleus Maleficarum ( if you can stomach it ). (return)

Since this commentary was written in February 2012, American politicians have escalated their fight against Women. Those joining the Catholic Church are Right-Wing Fundamentalist Christian groups and Republican Party members running for or already holding office. Like a cloud of locusts, over eleven hundred state and federal laws are being hurled against Women and Women's reproductive rights. Many attacks on American Women are under the guise of religious freedom. Many are just blatantly misogynist.

References and Further Reading (these will be of particular value to readers outside the USA)

Below is a link to Rachel Maddow with a video about "War on Women" - Al Sharton is interviewing Sen. Barbara Boxer (you have to watch a short advert first).

Clarification of some content in the above interview with California Senator Barbara Boxer:

  • MSNBC:  "progressive" news source (they would lean towards Democrat Party, Independent Party and progressive policy - Pro-Choice, Health Care for All, Fair Taxation with wealthy paying more.
  • FOX NEWS: right-wing and Republican Party (called also GOP), Republican Tea Party.   Policy positions: Anti-Abortion, Anti-Birth Control, Personhood for fetuses.  Tax breaks for Rich.
  • The Daily Show: (on the Comedy Channel) with Jon Stewart:  They will poke fun at any of the political groups. They lean the same way as the progressive thinkers in the USA. They are doing an excellent job of keeping the "War on Women" in the forefront of the news and not letting it become a one-night forgotten issue. (I don't always agree with all of their segments.)

More on Jon Stewart - see

On the site below are 2 videos:

The 1st one is with Erin Nanasi, Senior Columnist for MadMikesAmerica - It was the first call to action I saw as I was getting ever more angry back in Feb 2012.
The 2nd one is with Nobel Prizewinner Leymah Gbowee saying, among other things, "Why are these women not angry and beating men left and right?” and "It's time for women to stop being politely angry".

More links:

The article below is by one of the two founders of Unite Against the War on Women - Karen Teegarden. It explains the goals and the rallies planned for 28th April 2012.

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