Birth of Earth, by Roslyne Sophia BreillatShe has many names in many tribes and many cultures, she is One and yet she is within all. In Australian Indigenous tribes she is Kuturu, heart, spirit of the Earth. In Incan mythology, Pachamama. In Northern Native American cultures, Maka Ina, Mother Earth. Her blades of grass seek the Sun’s warmth through narrow cracks in the cold hard world of concrete. Her tiny birds sing their sweet songs in the filthy gutters and gloomy alleys of elegant society. She flowers, she blooms, she flows, she grows, her vines entwined beneath spreading piles of stinking rubble and polluted chemical skies.

And She, this female spirit of the Earth, is the primordial essence of thee, woman.

This greedy, fast-paced world uses her, abuses her, carving gaping wounds in the gentle slopes of her majestic mountains, her nurturing breasts that rest sweetly beneath the stars. It dumps excessive waste in the cleansing currents of her mighty rivers, the liquid serpents that feed her seas. It destroys but does not create, takes, but does not give. What kind of a world is this, that dishonours our beloved Mother Earth, bounteous Maka Ina, in this way? We, the inhabitants of this “sophisticated” world that rapes and plunders our dear and sacred Earth have relinquished our role as her devoted custodians to a misuse of worldly power that does not love, serve or perceive her true magnificence, her true being.

We race, we chase, we pursue. We force, we claim, we blame. We destroy, annihilate, own, possess. We forget who She is and we forget who we are. It is a sacred art and a sacred act for a woman to tenderly, lovingly and intimately nurture her body and her being through fully living her life as the beauty, wisdom and power of the feminine essence. This art and this act of sacredness open her, awaken her to the powerful and peace-filled realm of the Earth Mother.

This contemporary masculine world of many inventions and achievements has accomplished many great things at the expense of ruthlessly destroying the luscious female beauty of our bountiful Mother Earth. And he? How can he nurture this spirit of Earth within his woman and within himself? For he has much to offer the Earth and much to offer the sacred feminine. But first he must die. He must die to who he is not by relinquishing his desire to control her wildness and her power.

She is awake. She is alive. She is conscious. She is wise. She is sacred. She is free. But for how much longer will our beneficent Mother Earth generously offer prolific beauty and kindly support for her beloved creatures? And for how much longer will Mother Ocean sing her ancient song? How much longer will her seas continue choking with the excesses of a world that does not love the Earth enough to cease plundering her treasure chest of natural bounty, the heart of her abundant source? How much longer will she receive the stinking flow of thousands of polluted rivers into the sacred depths of her oceanic womb? How much longer will she rise and fall and spiral and breathe with the heavenly cycles of her dear celestial sister, Mother Moon? How much longer will she be here for us? How much longer will she be here at all?

The womb, chalice of love, carries the pain filled force of the world, family and societal conditioning, personal and collective suffering of physical, emotional and sexual trauma, aggressive abortions and barbaric birthing practices. She carries fathomless grief and sorrow for her wise and beautiful sisters, persecuted and burned at the stake or tortured in countries at war. And she carries the personal and collective pain of every man who has ever violated a woman. When her womb is cleansed of the ways of the world, a woman’s outer and inner life begin to transform. She becomes an open flow of love, a powerful source of healing, softening, surrendering, deepening. She becomes more vital, more alive, radiating a natural sensuality, a joyful innocence, an integral aura of grace. She walks, moves, speaks differently, as she becomes more aligned with the miraculous dance of life. For although the womb’s gift of openness is freely given wherever and whenever needed, this gift can only be given in acceptance, humility and trust.

When a woman is living as a daughter of the Earth, a sister of all sisters, a mother of the land, she is living her true purpose and she is in her rightful place. When she becomes naturally aligned with the powerful feminine flow of the Earth and with the powerful feminine flow of her body and psyche, her life transforms in myriad subtle, profound and significant ways. It becomes difficult for her to compromise, remain untrue, linger in disempowering situations, ignore violation and abuse of her spiritual sisters, her heart sisters. The whole of her life becomes sacred when she is in union with this sacred essence of the Earth Mother within.

Her separation from the loving nurturance and supportive sustenance of this great universal and earthly mother creates a chasm, a hole, a tear, a gaping wound of loss and grief within the female psyche, manifesting as premenstrual tension, eating disorders, obsession with over exercising, a compulsive desire to keep busy, lack of interest in lovemaking, difficulty with pregnancy, birthing, breastfeeding and menopause. And now it is time for this personal and collective wound to heal.

Through this separation from her dear Mother Earth, she loses her inherent sense of interconnectedness, inner peace, her gentleness, strength, sensuality, integrity, wildness, power. She loses her sense of belonging, her natural sense of place and grounding upon this Earth. If she searches outside herself for this innate sense of inner connection, in her relationships, at the top of the corporate ladder, in her career, in the events and circumstances of her outer world, she will be disappointed, she will be unfulfilled, she will fail, she will fall.

For this outer search estranges her from the Universal Mother who sustains all life within the infinite vastness of her wise womb. The powerful essence of the Earth Mother’s love is not aligned with the world’s idea of love. For this is not the embellished love of greeting cards, sentimental love of the emotions, mentalised love of the intellect, nor a love tainted with idealism, attachment, wanting, greed or childish dreams.

This is not a love polluted by the selfish desire to own and possess, the fanatical desire to dominate and control, but a vast and impersonal love, infused with the pristine depth of oneness, openness, wisdom, power. This love is deeply impersonal, yet profoundly tender, passionate, intimate, wild, free, giving, pure. For this is the love of the Earth. When a woman is intimately united with the Earth Spirit within, her relationships, her career and the events and circumstances of her outer world become enlivened and enriched by this sacred union. She has no need to look into the outer world for love, truth or a sense of inner connectedness. All she needs is to deeply enter her heart, her womb, her source, her being. All she needs is to be. And when she is drawn within, into this vast realm of her mystery, this open heart of her belonging, this fathomless profundity of her inner female depths, she will know who she is, without needing to know anything at all. For here, in this formless place, this intimate heart space of her wise womb, she is love.

Here she will find sacred treasure, long lost precious gems of worthiness, value, wisdom, power, strength. Here she will know the unknowingness of love. Here she will relish peace. Every woman is the physical representation of the Earth Mother, and yet the masculine world has taken her far from the sacred essence of her inner source, inner place, heart of her womb, heart of the Earth, pulling her ever outward, ever forward, ever upward, seducing her with the alluring traps of attainment, achievement, an illusory future, a distorted mirage, of “someone”, “something”, “somewhere” out there, of being someone other than who she really is. This world cunningly lures her from stillness into projection, seeing into searching, being into wanting, power into force. It does not receive her gentle feminine qualities of yielding, surrender, acceptance, peace. The increasing speed of this world does not have enough time for her timelessness, enough mastery for her mystery, enough stillness for her passion. Woman’s calling is an inner calling. For hers is the calling of love. She is silently called every moment from within, from the deep, from the heart of her womb essence, from the heart of the Earth. And this is a call to be real, to be true to the inner wisdom, beauty and power of the sacred feminine.

This Great Mother of the Universe, of bounteous Earth and rolling seas and swirling skies is alive and free within every woman and within every woman’s womb. And she waits serenely, patiently, wisely, to be loved, heard, received, reached, seen. Her sacredness is too subtle, too fine, too mysterious, too deep for the gross and ignorant ways of a world that cannot see her true nature. This world cannot be bothered to acknowledge her innate affinity with Mother Earth, for this world thinks it has much better and more important things to do. And yet the cosmic depth of her womb is always, ever here now, her vast mystery, sacred chamber, ancient portal, her finest vibration of love, alive within the Earth, alive within every woman.

Many women upon this Earth right now are courageously opening to their natural place of fully and creatively living and loving from the potent power, fire and passion of this universal womb energy and many men upon this Earth right now are courageously opening to, giving to and receiving this energy. Yet many women are hesitant, self-doubtful and afraid of their womb power and her capacity to transform and heal, and many men are scornful, fearful and ignorant of this universal womb energy as the vital essence that creates union between all upon this Earth. Every man and woman upon this Earth right now is invited to become an integral part of this universal awakening of the womb, this infinite source of ancient female wisdom, truth and divine love. The rape of the forests, pollution of the oceans, destruction of the deserts, devastation of war, extinction of many animals, birds and insects are all created by the profound lack of reverence and respect for this feminine well of wisdom and her vital thread of connection with every being.

The sacred, silent, timeless words of woman’s womb call to the dark womb of the night, “I am love, I am love, I am love.” The sacred, wise and ancient words of woman’s womb call to the immortal womb of the Earth, “I am love, I am love, I am love.” But how many truly hear her call? How many dare to heed her message of truth, surrender to the emanation of her powerful creation, graciously and gratefully receive her radiant glory, her passionate fire, her Holy Grail of love? For now, in this moment, more than ever, this ancient feminine wisdom of the womb is profoundly needed upon this Earth. The patriarchal world does not know how to receive her inner feminine mystery, awaken the fire of her passion or enjoy her for simply being. She is soft, gentle, surrendered, yielding, strong. She is here, right now. Can you feel her? For the feminine essence of Maka Ina is within every woman, every womb.

She is naked, powerful, vulnerable, pure, wise. Her woman heart does not fear. Her woman heart is not afraid. And yet, in this corrupted world, she fears for her children, she fears for the Earth. She is free to live, love, create, live her life fully from the openness, intimacy and profundity of her female essence. And yet, first she must dissolve the barriers within her womb, created by a world that does not love her or love the Earth. Through descending into her primal depths, she becomes deeply infused with this spirit of the Earth. From this sacred place, her female presence can serve in the masculine world in feminine ways that create wholeness, holiness, healing, peace. From this sacred place she can embrace the truth of the masculine and the truth of the feminine. And from this sacred place, she can live as the wisdom and joy of Maka Ina, of Mother Earth.


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