Living the Goddess - by Anique Radiant HeartThe sun’s rays play through the banners of the 2008 Glastonbury Goddess Conference, dancing in light and shadows. I close my eyes to deepen my connection with the heavenly voice of Anique Radiant Heart singing Walking in the Light, one of the beautiful songs included in her new album Living the Goddess.

Suddenly, I need to open my eyes and look at the palms of my hands. I see little red dots over the skin and feel a surge of heat from inside my belly, spreading through my whole body and making me sweat. “I’m 44! It’s too early for the menopause”, I thought, then remembered a similar feeling celebrating shamanic ceremonies honouring the Goddess.

This powerful wave of my Kundalini energies made me feel as though I were travelling between worlds inside my own body. It made me remember we are all part of the same fire, creating, loving, living, dancing …  all of us floating together, like tones playing Her rhythm and Her harmony. “There is no separation here, choosing love instead of fear”… sings Anique in another of her beautiful songs in the new album.

This CD of sung prayers, chants and sacred songs completes the beautiful trilogy of Invoking, Embracing, and now Living the Goddess, all of them part of a journey that helps us to prepare our bodies and whole beings to open, tune, receive and become in the divine energies of the Goddess.

“It’s not me. I promise you”, Anique said to me during a break at the Conference, when I told her of my powerful experience while listening to her voice. But it is, absolutely! Despite Anique’s humility, she knows well what a great effort it takes to be a clear channel of Goddess energies. It’s a matter of knowing what She wants from us and a matter of know how we can best serve Her in the most beautiful way, as She deserves. It’s a matter of saying “Yes, I’m here to do Your work to the best of my ability”.

Through her voice and her work Anique shows us the way to become Her priestesses. She shows us one of Her most sublime expressions in the sacred songs of Her music.

"Open your heart, clear your mind and listen to the sounds of the Goddess as gifted to me, for you, from SHE who is All and the One”, recommends Anique before you listen to her. And you can be sure you’ll begin a magical journey into the heart of the Goddess - and your own heart.

©August 2008, Sandra Román

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