midsummer fireAll Hail on this magical night
Summer Solstice arrives
Gardens everywhere in bloom
on this longest day of the year
ritual and ceremonies
performed in circles under the sun
acclaim the sun has power

Honour Mother Earth
her trees, her mountains
her flatlands, her peoples
Earth grows new food
nights get longer
Nature is alive
fruits in abundance
juices so sweet
run down your chin
as you eat in abundance
from the summer fruit
of the Goddesses
Lemon balm herbal tea is drunk
calming the senses
bringing peace of mind

Be in your body
As you dance in the sun
honouring the summer solstice
embrace the divine in all you meet
While Juno and Vesta
Beautiful Roman Goddesses
invite you to celebrate at their altar
The sacred flame burns high
at the temple
of the midsummer celebrations

Let go of your worries
Give it to the pebble
Carry a stone in your hand
as you circle the Litha bonfire,
whisper your request to the stone .
turn thrice around the fire
toss the stone into the flames

Let it go
let it all go
be ready
to embrace anew
all the bounties of summer

All Hail
On this magical night
This Midsummer night.