Medusa - painting by Chrissy HeavenArm in arm you come to me
Wild Goddesses awakening now
Returning from your darkmoontime
Reclaiming your sensual divinity
Hags of the inky night
Of ancient womanly wisdom
Twin soul-sisters, bewinged and serpentine
Fiery beauties radiating liberating joy
Welcoming me to your shadowy cave.

Untameable Mistresses of the Beasts
Dwelling in our timeless realms
Queens of the female mysteries
Dark, dark Goddesses
Of transformation.

The red queen of Eden's myth
Bows to no man or to gods
Proudly beckoning Her lovers
to honour
Sacred union with the Mother,
The green violated maiden
Whose powerful snaky eyes
Mirroring women's rage
Threaten with stony, independent gaze
When power be unjust.

Both scorned, silenced, maligned
Demonised, vampirized
Your sacred healing serpents defiled
Judged as vile temptresses,
Misled souls banished you two
And cast adrift the memories
Of playful mischief that I see
In my beloved darkmoon Ladies of mystery.

Come now, return,
Your loving, giggly presence
Celebrates our girlie times
Shared in your wondrous cave
Enrobed in women's strength
We revel in Goddessy bliss.

Hail and Welcome Lilith and Medusa.