harvestLovely Lively Lammas
the special time of year
when the Goddess
takes on the role
of the Harvest Mother
The earth is fruitful
crops are bountiful,
livestock are fattening up for winter.
the Harvest Mother knows
that the cold months are coming
We give thanks for fire
for abundance

The land is sacred
full of pregnant possibilities
ready to jut out
bursting to give birth
all grains
ripe and full
labelled with love
to be ingested
to sustain all
to give us energy

The Goddess
encourages us
to begin gathering up what we can.
This is the season
for harvesting corn and grain
we can bake bread to store
blessing the loaves of the season
saving seeds for next year's planting

People dance in the fields
with circles of friends
singing sacred songs
dancing delightful dances
for rebirth and renewal
feasting on fresh baked bread
squashes and pumpkins

As skin touches soil
the harvest is felt underfoot
fingers reach into the ground
digging up jewels of grains
pulling out plants of nourishment
filling up in all capacities

Gathering with love
as we reap ripe
wheat and grains
the bounty of the land
while healing the earth
the magical harvest
transforms us all

Harvest Mother
the reaper
feeds us
as the sacred land
lends itself
to nourish us with love
Blessing the harvest
from the depth of the earth
the fruits of the season
apples, plums and peaches
arrive to sustain
our body, mind and spirit
we give thanks
from the depth
of our hearts.

©Maria Duncalf-Barber
August 2nd 2010