Finding myself
standing apart
with a scythe in my hand
its weight keenly balanced
demanding to be used

barely able to speak
my whole being
swung and severed the ground
from under us
turning my world
your world

I am seismically altered
barely time to sever the tie
and decades of unity
become enmity
in that one swoop
separate realities to be managed
not in front of the children

Will we ever speak softly again
will we laugh together
now we no longer share a dream?
I had to surrender
take charge of my life
costing nothing less than everything
how many gates of that great below
must I pass through
to reach my new life?

I am walking my path
such acts of power bring purpose
may I walk my path well
I honour you
at the sacred wells
Madron, Sancreed, Euny
their waters reflecting resolve
and a need for patience

In the lonely-dark
of the fogou chamber
a swallow flutters
diving in and out
utterly at home in the underworld
feeding its young
tucked in the stones
she shows me happiness to come

Out on the headland
the sunset pathway
sparkles crimson, ultramarine,
purple and silver
on shimmering waves
Her vast presence
shows my path before me
gives blessing and vision

Setting off back up the field
on my journey
not looking back
resolving to go forward
to follow where I am led

©Rachael Clyne