summer flowersBuilding up to misty blue,
breaking through
the April showers,
May weaves a merry quilt
of late spring flowers
to welcome
the promise of June.

Banks of bluebells
casting their spell,
joyously tinkle
and dance beneath
the perfumed wreath
of a honeysuckled
woodland grove.

This blue vision spills
out of the woods
tumbling through
the meadow,
hazy hills

waiting for June
to cast the runes
of summer, weaving
her spells of sunshine,
until the icicle sprites
of winter finally believe
it's time to leave.

June, the promise
of a summer kiss,
a warm caress
of sultry, somnolent
when the heart

and the soul seems to yearn
for the mysterious,
to learn
the secrets of love
and be granted a boon
from the Goddess of Summer,

©Doreen Hopwood, 2011