I prayed to a God who was just not there, he never ever listened, he simply didn’t care
I searched and I studied, but I found him not, in dry dusty pages that I soon forgot

I listened to others, who claimed they knew, he really existed, could this be true?
For me he was nowhere, the truth was plain, I didn’t matter, I had no name

I walked in the moonlight, heard the North Wind blow, who could I turn to, where could I go?
For me there was no God at my side, I filled up the seas with the tears I cried

Then I called to the Goddess when the Moon shone bright, I sang to the stars on a twinkly night!
I danced in the wild wood with the leaves on the breeze & I learned how to listen to the wise old trees

Who shared all their secrets, from the Ash to the Oak; laughed as they told me, life’s just a joke!
I smiled at a spider, when before I would scream, create your own reality, nightmare – dream

I wandered the cliffs, shared breakfast with the birds, listened to their chatter yet they spoke no words

I talked to the flowers & I kissed a Rose: cried for her sighs as she bled from the blows
Of a sharp knife cutting at her gentle form: chic dinner table….. to adorn
And I learned why the Rose…like I…grew thorns

I went to the Ocean, where I saw many stones, all shapes & sizes, one all alone
As I knelt down and held it I was filled with delight: here was my strength for the long dark night

My Stone was my Rock, lashed by the sea: still he’d survived, rather like me
If I needed courage, I need look no more, but to hold in my hand, my friend from the shore

I wished on a candle & I saw in the glow, faces of Angels, smiling Hello!
I glimpsed in the shadows of an unseen world & I knew without knowing, as the truth unfurled
This place I was in, just a mortal sham...a temporary life…to learn what we can

Yes! I called to the Goddess after God had his chance: & now I’m a part of the Cosmic Dance!
For in my search for truth, what did I find? God’s just a word that is all in the mind

But the Trees and the Breeze, the Moon & the Stars, the Hills & the Valleys, Venus & Mars
All these are real, of which we are all a part: nothing is separate, life is an Art!
So paint your own canvas & don’t give a damn!!! If in place of Pope, you colour in Pan!

All these gifts, sweet Earth gave to me, more precious than gold, yet each came free
But first you must search… if like me… your heart cries out for your Soul to be free
It won’t come easy, so don’t think it will: to taste your own truth takes a bitter pill

I walked in the old ways on an Ancient Path: I feared I was lost, but my heart was my map
Till I heard my Soul calling its own true name…when something within me burst into flame
To warm my being till it blazed with light

A Priestess was born when the Moon shone bright...and she walked free...into Spellbound night...!

Copyright © 'North Wind Woman'

Honouring Spellbound

April 1993 - December 2006

Merry Meet, Merry part♡Merry Meet again!