"Sankari" was our beautiful cover image for issue 30. Suzi Edwards-Goose is an artist and ritual tattooist. She writes:

"Inspired by women's mysteries, Goddess and land. I've been painting women and Goddesses for 25 years, and tattooing ceremonially for 20 years. I'm one of the holders of the Temple of Elen sacred space, inspired by the antlered Goddess of the trackways. I live on the edge of London, but travel all over making Tattoo Ritual for groups and individuals, and exhibiting my art.

Sankari was painted around the time a dear friend's daughter was about to give birth to a much longed for second child. I wanted to paint a woman at the point of her transition into motherhood. I like the idea of this young women stepping forward into the light, proudly and protectively holding her new son. In showing her babe for the first time, she is showing herself as mother for the first time too.

I sell cards, prints and original artwork. I'm always happy to discuss commission pieces and ceremonial work too. You can find me on my Facebook page or email me at inkwitch333@gmail.com".