Isis OracleMy favourite oracle deck! We are invited to ‘Awaken the High Priestess Within’ but the card deck can be used by males and females alike. The book has black and white illustrations of the cards, all with wonderful titles, such as "Enter the Chamber of Healing", "Lady of the Stars", "Serpent of Fire", "Temple of Black Obsidian". Each card has a substantial write-up and offers an in-depth understanding of the card, a practical healing ritual and a poetic incantation.

We are invited through 'ancient mystery teachings of Isis' to become 'initiated' through our struggle with difficulty and uncertainty to re-activate our soul talents for healing, love and self-mastery. Practical ways are suggested to help us to do this. I have chosen the card titled ‘Initiation’ as a sample. It is subtitled "Spiritual Testing for Ra and the Lady Isis", and it suggests the reader is being initiated into the mysteries of light, love and power. We are instructed to find learning, growth and wisdom within the challenge that is presented to us and change the challenge into an opportunity for healing, as the heat of Ra burns through any resistance and the Lady Isis, with compassion and cleverness protects and enables us to be nourished, grow in the strength of Ra and pass this test. For advanced aspirants on the path, initiation occurs at several stages, sometimes life itself feels like a prolonged initiation. When this card is chosen, it comes as a confirmation that needless suffering is not taking place if you find the light within the struggles, tests and challenges towards breakthrough healing. The unbearable solar fire of Ra cleanses the soul of wounds and the love, compassion and intelligence of Isis tempers the heat and prevents it from creating bitterness and despair. By losing love and hope, one becomes an initiate who understands all aspects of life, that difficulties are a disguise for opportunities for learning. Honour life as a gift and use problems as a way to increase spiritual understanding and service on this planet, to love and have courage and faith. You are now open to new levels of power, peace, self-possession and love. You can pick the sweet fruits at the top of the tree you are currently climbing. You are not in barren land because your spiritual oasis is nearby. Stay focused on the Lady and her love for you and pass through the desert of Initiation towards transformation. Ritual for this card: sit and meditate and in your mind’s eye, you see a light in the distance. Travel towards that light and become aware of the great Sun, shining so powerfully, you are afraid it might incinerate you. Despite its intensity, you are drawn to the light and power, and sense the Divine Presence within it, ancient and powerful. Suddenly, you feel sweet coolness, like a breeze fanning you. You sense the wings of the Lady Isis around you, offering you protection and assistance. Feel Her loving gaze and Her protection and assistance. She creates a cool barrier between you and the powerful energy of the Sun. She holds before you a large golden plate and you release and place your struggle, concern, question or issue upon it and surrender it to Divine Wisdom. The Lady Isis winks at you, takes the plate and hurls it into the belly of the Sun where it is consumed. Then allow the Lady to carry you as she whispers words of blessings and peace and reassurance. An incantation completes the card:

"Winged Mother protects me from the fiercest light, shelters me in cool sanctuary of Her wings in flight, wraps me in safety of Her compassion and peace, as with trust the portal of Initiation I reach, I pass through the portal with trust complete, I now successfully attain this feat."

The author, Alana Fairchild, has previously produced the "Kuan Yin Oracle" and 6 CDs of meditations. The illustrator, Jimmy Manton, has produced artwork for "Gods and Titans Oracle", "Goddesses and Sirens Oracle" and "Oracle of the Dragonfae".

Spreads suggested are titled "Golden Sun of Horus" and "Wing of Isis". The card backs are of a jewel of a scarab in flight.

I found this a rather magnificent deck. Not only is the artwork very beautiful but the deck appeals to modern Interpreters and Seekers who have a love of Egyptology. R

Isis Oracle, 44 card and 220 page book boxed set by Alana Fairchild. Full colour illustrations by Jimmy Manton Published by Blue Angel Publishing.