In my dreams
I am a wild woman
living in a forest of pine trees
high against a mountain.

I stroke the she-wolf
who watches out for me
as snow falls and the land
is purged white and clean.

In my dreams
I wear animal skins
around my waist and shoulders
and as boots on my feet.

I wake at daybreak
to see the sun sparkle,
knowing the day is all mine,
as is tomorrow, and the next.

In my dreams
I walk with my head held high
and at night the crackle of the
camp fire warms my bones.

This is a life so unlike
that of the working woman
whose chaotic days have
no space for light or sound.

And so I dream,
shutting my eyes to visualise
the call of the wild, and to
touch the woman locked inside.

©Michele Darnell-Roberts