Come to me
Oh holy Mother Goddess
During this midwinter
Weave your sacred
Celtic tradition
Over the land
Grace us with your cow
Bestow abundance on us all
Your milk has miraculous powers
To heal, to bring life.
When the sun is in the East
Brigid sweet Celtic Goddess
Light-Bringer of all things new
guard your fire
Oh woman of wisdom
Exhalted One
This becomes your night
Sacred fire burn brightly
Touch us with thy radiant flame
Invoking new birth
Regeneration of plenty
Bounties galore for all
Divinely giving Sustenance
To feed the hungry
To moisten the dry ones
With you the chalice overflows
In between places and times
When the doors between worlds open
As the fresh beginnings of spring
Warm the body and the heart
We discard the cloak of winter
Praying for the first crops
To sustain
The magical community.

©Maria Duncalf-Barber, January 2007