Walking the brown of Your earth into stiff limbs
rich scent of loam in my nostrils
passing through lichen-cloaked trees,
Your woodland brook
swelled with winter rain
cleanses my heart
water streams from my nose, my eyes
in the chill of the day

Scrambling up steep muddy
leaf-mould slopes
panting until
I pour up, up and out into
Your sunlight
atop your breast, your belly
all heather and bracken
and oh!
the sea, the sky, the land afar,
far as the horizon
Your breath in my lungs, sharp and clear
Your fiery arrows pierce my sloth
I feel the momentary exhilaration of Your quickening
that glimpse of spring to come
this is one such afternoon!
slipping off my dull winter carapace
each step vitality and joy
descending at last to the rich reward of tea
and Stella’s homemade cake
how well You provide for us
how I love the beauty of Your seasons!

©Rachael Clyne