by Annabell of the Old Ways

A time of new beginnings, a time to celebrate
Mother Earth awakens, new challenges to undertake.
Connect to the Mother, feel her warm embrace
Let the darkness of the winter be gone and leave but not a trace.

Like the quickening of a babe in a Mother's womb, The Goddess starts to stir
As the days grow longer and nature unfolds, true magick does occur.
Daffodil's beautiful, strong, long, green leaves beginning to appear.
We now see buds on the trees, the start of spring is here.

The days continue to lengthen, the sunshine brightens our days
And the plants, trees and small creatures bask in the warming rays.
Great Earth Mother, we greet you as we celebrate tonight
May the candle light we offer, shine out to you clear and bright.

©Annabell Alexander