Cambridgeshire, England. December 20, 2006
In honour of my conservationist colleagues

Summer was worryingly long, Autumn too, Winter finally
Came down with fog and hoar frost, coating spider webs
Trees bushes flowers houses rocks everything indiscriminately
Even the screaming cat next door finds a way to stay in
Lest she be immortalized into further furry bitterness

Pale peachy skies follow from faint blue foggy vistas
Across the sleeping fens. Walkers lead by nervy dogs
Dot the horizon and black birds continue to have their say
Whilst one robin, maybe mistakenly voting against Malta,
Pokes about the crusty earth and wonders at my procrastination

We the people are glad to see Winter fall upon us
For fear of worse things to come. An assurance of sorts
We hope we have time enough to turn a ghastly tide
We scramble in each of our lives to rationalize
What we use, how and for how long we can get away with it

This Season of Dark turning to Light is different
More than changing to eco light bulbs
Or naked gifts to those you love to save the trees
Our New Year’s resolutions need global dimensions
We face the sins of our forefathers, our grandmothers’ mistakes

Our mothers’ greed and our fathers’ fears
Our own helplessness, a terrible legacy to our children
The robin waits for me along with the wee wren
The polar bear hides in the far north, soon to disappear
With the ice, the Queen of Dolphins died yesterday

All around us they scream for help as one by one
A species shuts its last eyes for the last time
We huddle in the muddle we have made
This is the greatest football game there has ever been
And the ball is in our court.

©Leona Graham-Elen