Goddess Pages chart

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This report is based on the birth date, place and time of Goddess Pages, created by Geraldine Charles. Conceived in 2006, Goddess Pages is now belatedly celebrating its 10th anniversary. Geraldine asked me to look at the Goddess Pages birth chart for this great milestone in time.

With the Sun, Venus and Mars all in the 10th house and Scorpio, this Goddess magazine was destined to structure information that had been long hidden from public view, bringing to the surface historical information and passion of the Goddess with drive and creativity.

The 9th house shows the old knowledge that was researched and that needed equality and freedom to be heard, with the Asteroid Lilith here (the dark Goddess), information had to be sought, sifted and researched to be brought into awareness as a service to all humankind. It also had to be correct and without fabrication. People had to be found to write, photograph and share their experiences and information.

In Scorpio, but in the 11th house, both Mercury and Jupiter indicate that this information and knowledge would expand out into the world of society, groups and communities and maybe also needs to be considered for translation into different languages for the future.

It has not always been an easy journey though: Goddess Pages has striven for freedom of beliefs and to bring into balance and justice the truth of the Goddess. Looking at Saturn in Leo, Geraldine may have doubted its success and it has taken determination and hard work to see its creative place in history and well as the future.

Most of the planets are in the top part of the chart, indicating that the Goddess needed to be communicated into the outer world with love and truth.

In the south part of the chart, Pluto in Sagittarius in the first house demonstrates the need to rebirth spirituality and tear down the old structures, outdated in the 21st Century, giving everyone the opportunity to expand Goddess into the world.

I think at times it has been tough both financially and technically to get the vision out there to people and to increase the circulation. It’s been a labour of love, with no financial reward for Geraldine and the contributors. Despite this, the Goddess Pages continue to bring an awakening to readers of Goddess spirituality.

Its future, with the Path of fortune in Aries, 3rd house, continues to depend on the support of  its readers and contributors.