Goddess 2.0In her latest inspiring anthology on the Sacred Feminine, Rev. Dr. Karen Tate (author, speaker, radio show host and sacred activist) has curated a powerful, transformational and ultimately hopeful collection of voices for the Feminine Divine. From the core of sacred feminine liberation theology and the revolutionary work of Riane Eisler we find a moral compass for the years ahead. In addition to the rich theory and ideas, we are called to action, to learning new practices to bring the Goddess to collective life. As contributor Anne Baring quotes: “Earth, isn’t this what you want: an invisible arising in us?” (Rilke). As awakened women and men – who also have contributed here - we have an enormous task to restore the earth and our very souls from the patriarchal and authoritarian excesses which are even more appalling after the Presidential election.

Many of these essays help to describe and reweave the cosmic web of life and restore the ancient shamanic understanding of an ensouled world. The recovery of the sacred Feminine and our own wild souls can be most deeply understood as an evolutionary impulse, “arising from the very heart of humanity, perhaps even from the heart of the cosmos”. The hope in this beautiful and powerful book comes from the recognition and scientific, spiritual evidence cited that we are participants and creators of the world. As we awaken, we can bring a new story to replace the dominator, conquest narrative of the past five thousand years. It is crucial to claim the powers of the Dark Goddess, as Cristina Biaggi reminds us, and to recognize the many emerging images and energies of feminist theology of a new religion, as Shirley Ann Ranck describes. There are practices as well as ancient wisdom in these pages. I especially loved Nancy Vedder-Shults’ essay on ritual, which begins with her vision “Someone’s writing in the sky again”. Contributors include many of our most beloved and visionary Godmothers to the emergence of a revolutionary, evolutionary feminine consciousness: Riane Eisler (The Chalice and the Blade, The Real Wealth of Nations) links the well being of nations – economic, social, educational, political - to the status of women with many indisputable facts. We imagine a society of peace with Carol P. Christ, reconnect to the symbolic feminine power and magic of Snake images and energies in the rich work of Amy “Amalya” Peck, ground ourselves in the sacred acitivism of Starhawk. Women’s leadership coach and author Tabby Biddle shares her compelling personal story as she marries Goddess spirituality with politics. This will be the most urgent task for us all in the coming years: legitimizing female power and feminine authority as the essential key to restoring the Anima Mundi and building a caring, just economy in every nation.

There is much to ponder, to enjoy, to immerse oneself in here. Read this book, take it to heart, and then make its power, wisdom and transformational path manifest in your life!